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Marion’s Kitchen Fish Fillet Recipes

Fish fillets…they are the perfect staple to keep in the freezer for whenever you need your fishy fix. These fish fillet recipes will have you wanting fish every day of the week! 


There’s so much to be made that isn’t just your standard fish and chips. Think lemon fish, mouth numbing sichuan versions, steamed parcels, fishcakes and so many fish curries. 


These fish fillet recipes are perfect for when you need your fish fix to not only be delicious, but also super speedy. These are the recipes your whole family is guaranteed to love! Great for when you want to up your fish intake – the delicious way.

What can I make with fish fillets?

Fish fillets are some of the simplest types of fish to cook with. There is no intense preparation needed, you don’t need to do any deboning of your fish, you simply buy your fish and get ready to cook! You can use fish fillets in so many different ways. You can steam them, deep fry them, use them in fishcakes, use them in fish stew, fish curry and any other fish recipe you can conjure up! 

Fish fillets, specifically any type of firm white fish fillet are great to use if you’re not a huge fish lover but you are trying to get more fish in your diet. The flavours are subtle and it really does a great job at soaking up all the saucy goodness of whatever you choose to pair it with. 


What type of fish is fish fillets? 

Fish fillets are less of a type of fish, and more of a way of preparing fish. If your fish recipe calls for fish fillets, this can be a whole range of different types of fish. You may see fish fillets listed in your snapper recipes, various salmon recipes, even in fish cake recipes. This is because fish fillets are actually just any type of fish that has been cut or sliced away from the bone during the preparation process.

Thus when you see fish fillets listed in your various recipes – as long as the fish is removed from the bone you can really use any type of fish you like! You can use snapper, salmon, whitefish…whatever you fancy!