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Marion’s Kitchen Fish Cakes recipes

In my humble opinion, fish cakes are better than cake cakes…and I know that might be controversial. But these fish cake recipes will have you converted ASAP. 


There’s not much better than a crispy, golden, flavour packed fish cake. And the fact that they are deep fried is just an added bonus! 


You can whip up these fish cakes recipes in a flash and with whatever fish you have floating around your freezer. Snapper works great, so does salmon and of course you can use any miscellaneous fish fillets you have floating around.


Whip these fish cakes recipes up as an appetiser, for a party or just ‘cause…and thank me later!

How do you keep fish cakes from falling apart?

If you’ve been wanting to add fish cakes to your repertoire of fish recipes for a while now and you just can’t master them – you are not alone. Fish cakes are deep-fried morsels of deliciousness that unfortunately have a propensity to fall apart during the deep-frying process. But there are a few ways to help put that problem to rest. Firstly, make sure you’re using something to bind your ingredients together – like an egg. Secondly, use a firm fish when making your fish cakes, and thirdly you can always add cornflour or panko breadcrumbs to help your fish cakes stay together. 


Do you put egg in fish cakes?

Yes! One of the critical ingredients that helps your fish cakes stay together during the deep frying process! If you want to ensure your fish cakes stay together, an egg is an essential ingredient, for sure! 


What fish should I use for fish cakes? 

You can use so many types of fish in your fish cake recipes! There are tuna recipes for fishcakes, or even snapper recipes, and of course any good salmon recipe will include fishcakes!


Whilst types of firm white fish or any type of firm fish fillet tend to work best for fish cakes, one of my favourite things about fish cakes is how versatile and customisable they are! You can add just about any fish you fancy to your fish cake recipes! Having an epic dipping sauce for your fishcakes is a non-negotiable though! Sorry not sorry!