Marion’s Kitchen fried chicken recipes

Treat yourself to some of the best fried chicken around! Marion has compiled the BEST EVER fried chicken recipes from all over Asia, including Vietnam, Japan and, of course, the Ultimate Thai Fried Chicken Wings. The best bit? They’re all super easy!

You’ll have ultra crispy, craggly, crunchy fried chicken quick-smart with these fried chicken recipes!

What is the secret to good fried chicken?

Whether you’re a fried chicken pro or you’re a newbie to the craft, I have a few secrets up my sleeve that will help you perfect your fried chicken recipes. When it comes to fried chicken, there are a few things you want to know to get epic fried chicken – every time! The first is the cut of chicken to use. I tend to avoid cuts like breast because it has a tendency to dry out. If you go for chicken thighs or chicken legs you are MUCH more likely to get that signature crispy outside with a deliciously juicy inside! 


The other tip when frying chicken is that I prefer to deep-fry my chicken, whilst air frying can get that same signature crisp on smaller pieces like chicken nuggets or chicken wings, if you’re after something bigger – deep frying is the way to go!


What can I add to fried chicken?

If you’re looking for ways to make your fried chicken extra delicious, it all comes down to the marinade! You can use a spicy marinade if you’re a fan of heat, or something a bit more toned down if you’re wanting some extra flavour without it being too intense. Another great way to pack flavour into fried chicken is by using my range of signature Curry Pastes, adding curry paste is a great way to level up your usually basic fried chicken recipes. The longer you leave your chicken marinating the stronger the flavour will be! And marinades will also help keep your chicken extra juicy during the deep frying process. You can also add fried chicken to just about everything! Think adding it to chicken curries or even chicken salads! YUM!