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Marion’s Kitchen chicken salad recipes

These chicken salads are anything but sad! Our chicken salad recipes are super tasty and super fulfilling – no more boring, bland or basic salads on my watch! 

Vibrant, fresh and full of flavour, these chicken salads are full of so much goodness! From deconstructed style chicken salads, and salads featuring noodles to our take on a chicken caesar salad, prepare to fall in love with chicken salad!

How to make bland chicken salad taste better?

No one wants a bland and boring chicken salad! And there’s some pretty simple ways to make your chicken salads much more exciting. The first way is of course  dressings, whether you make your own or you use a store-bought dressing (pssst. Try our range of Marion’s Kitchen Original Salad Dressings for ultimate deliciousness), dressings are a super simple way to make your bland chicken salads, bland no more! 


The other super simple way to enhance bland chicken salads is of course by adding different toppings! Adding super sweet cherry tomatoes is a great way to get a burst of flavour, cheese is always a good idea, and roast veggies are a great way to sneak more veg into your chicken salads (but in a really delicious way), avocado is also great, and adding toasted sesame seeds is another super simple way to transform a salad.


What goes best with chicken salad?

If you want to bulk up a chicken salad to make it a more substantial lunch or dinner meal, there’s looooads of ways to do that! Roast veggies are amazing in chicken salads, you can also add noodles to really bulk it up! Adding extra protein is also a great option when it comes to various chicken salad recipes. Beans, crispy tofu, eggs or prawns are all delicious options for chicken salads. You can also turn your chicken salad into a rice bowl, if that’s more your vibe! Simply add rice to the base of your salad, cover it all in dressing and enjoy!