Marion’s Kitchen chicken curry recipes

Who doesn’t love chicken curry?! The best part about curries is that they are totally customisable! These are our best chicken curry recipes, perfect for when you’ve got extra chicken rattling around your freezer.

Indian, Thai, Malaysian and Japanese chicken curries, the perfect meal if you’re a lover of curry, spice and everything nice!

What is the secret to a good chicken curry?

There are a couple of super simple tips and tricks that will make for a really good chicken curry. One of the best ways to pack a whole heap of flavour into your chicken curry is to sizzle the spices first! Cooking the spices in some butter or oil until fragrant is a really good way to pack a whole lot of flavour into your next chicken curry.  


If you’re whipping up an Indian inspired chicken curry, and you’re wanting to emulate the taste you get from a tandoor, grilling the chicken first is a great way to do that! I show you how it’s done in my Classic Butter Chicken recipe. Getting a nice char on the outside of your chicken will emulate the taste of charry, tandoor-esque chicken without any of the fancy equipment. The easiest way to do this is to marinate your chicken in your desired spices, thread the pieces onto skewers and then whack them on your grill plate or barbecue. Voila! Chicken curry that tastes just like you’ve picked it up from your local Indian takeaway. 


What part of chicken should I use in chicken curry?

If you’re looking for a super simple way to make a super delicious curry, using the right cut of chicken is vital! Whilst breast might be suitable for when you need curry in a hurry, if you’re looking to slow cook your curry using a cut like chicken thigh will be best. Chicken on the bone is also unreal in curries, think thigh on the bone, chicken legs or marylands. Next time you’re whipping up your fave chicken curry recipe, try experimenting with different cuts of chicken until you find the one that works best for you!