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Marion’s Kitchen breakfast recipes

Start your day the right way…with our delicious breakfast recipes, obviously! These are our best-ever brekkie favourites. From garlic butter fried rice to the only pancake recipe you will ever need. These breakfasts will transform you from a night owl to a morning person – guaranteed.

So many simple, and delicious recipes to banish the morning blues…and it’s so much more than just the stock-standard eggs and bacon! These are the breakfasts that will have you jumping out of bed in the morning (no alarm needed)! 

The very best ways to start the day, these are the breakfast recipes of champions – promise.

What is the best meal for breakfast?

There are just way too many super delicious breakfast recipes on offer that choosing just one is almost impossible! Of course it’s hard to go past easy breakfast recipes – something about a super simple, but super delicious breakfast is just so hard to pass up! Then there are the egg breakfast recipes, which are of course classics (and for a good reason!). And one of my personal favourites…Potato breakfast recipes. Breakfast but with potatoes, what more could you possibly want? You can even make some breakfast recipes in advance, like breakfast muffins or egg cups full of all your favourite ingredients. Making your breakfast the day before is the perfect way to ensure you’re starting your day on the right foot every day. 


What should I cook for breakfast?

There are so many things you can make for breakfast, fried eggs are a classic, as are scrambled eggs. But there are a few ways to level up some of your more basic breakfast recipes to up the flavour. One of my go-to ways to improve your basic scrambled eggs is by adding in either curry paste, or even miso to add some spice or some extra umami goodness to a normally stock-standard breakfast item! 


You can even make breakfast dishes with the addition of pork mince, this addition not only adds an extra element of salty, savoury goodness – but it also adds extra protein to your breakfast. Wins all round if you ask me!