Marion’s Kitchen slow cooked beef recipes

These are the slow cooked beef recipes that your repertoire has been missing. From slow cooked beef curries that are full of soul-enriching goodness to beef noodle soups that take comfort food to new heights, you’ll find them all here.  Whether you’re after set and forget weeknight winners to labour of love projects for the weekend, these are the dinners worth waiting for.

Does slow cooking make beef tender?

It sure does, and it’s all thanks to the low and slow style of cooking. However, while slow cooking is a surefire way to get ultra-tender beef, the cut of beef you’re using definitely makes a difference. Stick to fattier cuts of beef, such as beef chuck or beef ribs, for the best slow-cooking results. 

Do you have to sear beef before slow cooking?

Searing or browning your beef prior to slow cooking isn’t completely necessary, but it’s something I highly recommend. Giving your beef a hard sear before adding it to the slow cooker adds unbeatable flavour (hello, Maillard reaction), which is why you’ll find that part of the process in many of my recipes. 

Do I have to use a slow cooker?

Not at all. I’m a firm believer in not investing in kitchen gadgets unless you use them on the regular – your everyday kitchen appliances can do the job just as well. You can absolutely cook these slow cooked beef recipes on the stove in a large pot, casserole dish or saucepan – in fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing most of the time! Of course, if you do have a slow cooker and love it to pieces for its set and forget properties, absolutely use that and adjust timings where necessary.