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Marion’s Kitchen slow cooked beef recipes

Slow cooked beef, name something better? I’ll wait… These are the slow cooked beef recipes that your repertoire has been missing. From slow cooked beef curries that are full of so much goodness to beef noodle soups that will have you warm from the inside out. 

From set and forget weeknight winners to labour of love projects for the weekend, these are the recipes worth waiting for.

These slow cooked beef recipes will have you wishing for wintery weather even when its warm out! This is truly soul (and stomach) warming stuff. Patience is key here friends, so prepare to wait it out – and thank me later! 

Can you put raw beef in a slow-cooker?

Absolutely! You can totally put raw beef in a slow-cooker, in fact, that’s pretty much the point. Slow-cookers are the perfect tool to whip up a super simple slow-cooked beef recipe, you just chuck your raw beef in (along with all your other components of course) and set and forget! 

Does slow cooking make beef tender?

YES! Slow cooking is a sure fire way to get ultra tender beef, but the cut of beef you’re using definitely makes a difference. You want to stick with more fatty cuts of beef when slow cooking, think beef chuck or beef ribs for the best slow-cooking results. 

The fat melts away during the slow cooking process, keeping the beef tender, juicy and locking in alllll the flavours. 

If you’re after super tender beef, slow cooking is definitely the go, and there’s so many slow cooked beef recipes to be made! There is so much more than just the classic beef stew, think slow cooked beef curries or even flavour-packed slow cooked beef soups! So much tender, melt-in-your-mouth beef to be made and had! 

Do you have to sear beef before slow cooking?

Searing or browning your beef prior to slow cooking isn’t necessary, but it does make for a pretty unbeatable flavour! If you have the time I would 100% recommend giving your beef some colour before you start your slow cook, the outside will end up caramelised and it will add a whole new depth of flavour (and heaps of added colour) to your slow cooked feast!