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Marion’s Kitchen Prawn Appetiser Recipes

These are the ultimate prawn appetiser recipes that will change the way you entertain. Whether you’re a prawn lover from way back or you’re just dipping your toe into the party prawn world – these are the appetisers for you!

We’ve got prawn appetisers for every occasion, from beer-battered prawns to crispy, crunchy, crumbed versions and even yuzu prawn cocktail wonton cups. These are the appetisers to whip out if you want to impress your guests without all the fuss.

Super quick, super simple and oh, so delicious. These are the ultimate prawn appetisers, prepare to dig-in to all this deliciousness!

What goes well with fresh prawns?

I’m a sucker for fresh prawns, they’re delicious and they’re super versatile! Some of my favourite accompaniments to prawns are any sort of spicy sauce! You can also use my recipe for a yuzu cocktail sauce which is delicious as a dipping sauce or drizzled over your next prawn appetisers. Of course if you’re after something more on the traditional side, a lemon wedge definitely won’t go astray! 


Are prawns a good finger food?

Ah, prawns AKA shrimp depending on where you’re from, they’re one of my favourite seafoods, possibly ever, and also a great ingredient in your appetiser recipes! Not only are prawns a great finger food, they are the perfect appetiser if you’re looking for easy appetiser recipes or even cold appetiser recipes! Whilst prawns might be overlooked in the party space, and they may not be quite as common as chicken appetiser recipes (hello, chicken nuggets are the ultimate party snack!) prawns deserve their time in the spotlight.  

Prawns are guaranteed to fly off the table at your next gathering, get together or function! Perfect for every occasion – trust me! 


How do you serve prawns at a party?

There are so many ways to serve prawns at a party that might not be on your radar. You can serve prawns beer-battered and deep fried, crispy and crumbed or you can even use them in a wonton cup. 

There are recipes for spicy salt and pepper prawns, red curry prawns and even prawn dumplings (a personal fave!). Prawns are also super handy to have on hand if you’re a fan of fishcakes – you need to try prawns in your fishcakes, trust me!