Marion’s Kitchen appetiser recipes

Appetisers make the world go round! These tiny morsels of deliciousness are the best appetiser recipes we know how to make. There really is an appetiser for every occasion, from parties to picnics. 


These fuss-free appetiser recipes are perfect for entertaining, great for when you want all the deliciousness with none of the fuss. From sweet treats to give you that much needed sugar high, to savoury epicness full of so much yum!


These super easy appetisers are real crowd-pleasers, super simple, super delicious, and guaranteed to win you the title of host with the most! Entertaining never tasted so good!

What should I make as an appetiser? 

If you’re wanting to be the host with the most, good appetisers are one of the best ways to do that!


Feeding a crowd can be daunting, but there are a few things that will make your party-planning run much more smoothly. Any easy appetiser recipe is a great option. Easy appetisers mean you can spend less time prepping, cooking and slaving away in the kitchen and more time hanging out with your loved ones and guests.


Cold appetiser recipes are another type of appetiser that will make your day run much more smoothly! The benefit of serving your appetisers cold is that you can prepare then the day before, or the morning of your event, store them in your fridge and just grab them out when you’re ready for them! Of course chicken appetiser recipes are always a classic, wings, drumsticks and tenders all make for super delicious handheld heroes for your next get-together.


If you have some seafood lovers attending your next big bash, prawn appetiser recipes are the way to go! Beer battered prawns, crispy crumbed prawns, even prawn cocktail wonton cups you can serve cold. There’s so many appetiser recipes to be made, and the key to having a day of smooth sailing for your event is planning, planning, planning! 


Go forth and good luck! 


What are the easiest appetisers to bring to a gathering? 

Chicken wings are great, any sort of battered prawn is sure to go down a treat, cold appetisers are super simple to prepare and transport so are great if you have to travel to your party destination. There are truly so many delicious party snacks that are waaay better than sweaty cheese and biscuits. These are the game changing appetisers you need in your life!