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Marion’s Kitchen Easy Appetiser Recipes

These are the easiest appetiser recipes EVER! These are the appetisers that are going to change the way you party plan. Perfect for when you need to whip up a real crowd-pleaser – quick smart.

So many appetisers guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face, from veggie versions perfect for the plant-based peeps in your life to super simple sausage rolls with one major twist.

These are the easy appetiser recipes that are perfect for all occasions, think parties, picnics and all things entertaining. These are the super simple appetisers so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time hanging out with your nearest and dearest.

What appetiser will be a crowd pleaser?

I have so many recipes that are guaranteed to be automatic crowd pleasers. From spicy, sticky chicken wings to a flaky tart full of cheese and asian green goodness. There’s even brie cheese dumplings that are so simple to whip up but so delicious. 

Everything’s better with an Asian twist and my Korean-style onion rings or gochujang confit garlic bread are bound to please even the fussiest of eaters. Mini burgers, rice bowls, sausage rolls with one big twist…These recipes are not only so easy, but they’re so good. These appetisers will have your guests going back for seconds…or thirds…or even fourths – trust me! 


What is the easiest food to serve at a party?

There are so many appetiser recipes out there, but what is going to be the easiest and still delicious way to feed your guests? We have so many easy appetiser recipes you can use for every occasion. The easiest foods to serve at a party tend to be items people can pick up and pop in their mouths. Simple, bite-sized morsels of deliciousness will always be great appetiser options. Some of my favourite easy appetisers are cold appetiser recipes, even prawn appetiser recipes (specifically my yuzu prawn cocktail wonton  cups), or chicken appetiser recipes – try to stick to chicken bites or chicken wings rather than large hunks of chicken. 

Cold appetisers are easy to meal prep, and chicken and prawn appetisers are super simple to make bite-sized for added convenience. 

If you’re looking for simple dumplings, sausage rolls, even onion rings to serve to your guests…you’ve come to the right place! Super simple and super delicious, what’s not to love?