Marion’s Kitchen Cold Appetiser Recipes

If you’re on the hunt for delicious cold appetiser recipes – you have come to the right place! These are the very best cold appetiser recipes we know how to make. Perfect for when you want to feed (and impress) the masses, but without all the fuss.

These fuss-free cold appetisers can be prepped in advance and popped int he fridge ready for your party-goers. Perfect for your next party, picnic or catch up with your pals. From yuzu prawn wonton cups to a cheesy, sesame bread that is just as good cold as it is straight out of the oven!

What are cold appetisers?

Cold appetisers are some of the easiest appetisers to make for your next party, picnic or whenever you’re entertaining next! Not only are they super delicious but they are also super simple! There’s few things that make party planning more seamless than an easy appetiser recipe, and cold appetisers take that to a whole new level. Simply prepare your appetisers, whether it’s a cold prawn appetiser recipe or even a super simple chicken appetiser recipe you can leave in the fridge and heat up as needed. Cold appetisers are the way of the future people – they’re here to make your lives so much easier! Simple, delicious, and you get to spend waaaay less time in the kitchen and more time hanging out with your nearest and dearest!


What kind of finger foods should I make for a party?

There are so many things you can make for a party! And so many things you can eat cold! From prawn cocktail wonton cups, to super simple tarts full of cheesy goodness and Asian greens. Even sweet treats like cookies and choc covered strawberries. So good you won’t be able to stop at just one! 


What food can be made in advance for a party?

If you’re on the hunt for appetiser recipes that you can make ahead of time for your party then cold appetisers are perfect! If you have some entertaining to do and you don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen preparing, cold appetisers should be on your radar. You can simply make your appetisers the day before (or the morning of if you’re feeling ambitious), chuck them in your fridge and grab them out when you’re ready to party. Simple as that!