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Marion’s Kitchen Chicken Appetiser Recipes

If you love all things chicken, these are the chicken appetiser recipes for you! From all things crispy, craggly fried chicken to super simple, spicy buffalo chicken wings. These chicken appetisers are all you need for your next get together. Whether you’re having a gathering with your nearest and dearest or a party where the guestlist rivals Studio 54…These chicken apetiser recipes are destined to impress!

Feed the masses without even breaking a sweat, these are the ultimate chicken appetisers if you’re on the hunt for something to spice up your next gathering. Prepare to take your (well-deserved) title of host with the most with these chicken appetisers.

What are the best chicken appetisers? 

If you’re wanting to amp up your run of the mill appetiser recipes, chicken might just be the way to go! Chicken appetisers are not only super popular (have you ever been to a party without chicken nuggets?!), but they’re also surprisingly simple! Finally easy appetiser recipes and chicken have had the world’s best crossover. 

There are so many things you can do with chicken, similarly to some of our best prawn appetiser recipes, deep fried, crispy chicken is a perfect way to serve up chicken at your next party. Not only is fried chicken going to be the ultimate crowd pleaser at your next get-together, its also super versatile! You can make extra hot and spicy versions, or sweet and salty honey glazed fried chicken. 

Chicken wings have long been a staple at every good party, and whilst they may not be able to be meal-prepped as easily as some of our cold appetiser recipes, you can absolutely marinate your chicken wings the night before, leave then in the fridge overnight and chuck them in your air-fryer the day of for a super simple appetiser. Resting them in the fridge overnight makes them super crispy too! Thank me later! 


How do you serve chicken at a party? 

If you’re wanting to serve chicken at your next party, one of the best ways to do this is by ensuring your chicken is bite sized! The best cuts of chicken to use for your recipes are of course chicken wings, drumsticks or tenders – since these are going to be the easiest for party-goers to eat with their hands. You also want to make sure that you’re not dousing your chicken in too much sauce as this might make your guests a little messy!