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Get your hands on Marion’s NEW cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

Get your hands on Marion’s NEW cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

3 vegetable salad recipes to bring on the virtuous vibes

Bring some va-va-voom to your vegies and up your intake.

Roasted Sweet Potato & Mint Salad with Vietnamese Dressing

Rain, wind and chilly temperatures: in the southern hemisphere, winter is in full swing and making itself well and truly known. And you know what I’m craving? Vegies. Yep, I’m constantly looking for ways to increase my vegetable intake and give myself and the fam a good ol’ boost of vitamins and good stuff. But don’t groan and look away just yet. All that humble produce can totally pack a punch, given the right treatment. It’s all about roasting to bring out the sweetness of veg, then drizzling them with one of my Marion’s Kitchen dressings (they’re not just for salad leaves, my friends!). Get set to arm yourself with these virtuous vegetable salad recipes and flavour-packed sides and get cooking. Guarantee you’ll surprise yourself!

My best vegetable salad recipes for winter

Whether it’s winter where you are and you’re in need of comfort (and a little immunity boosting!) or the height of summer and you need minimal time in a hot kitchen, check out these goodies.

Bring new life into velvety, delicate eggplant with this side dish that performs double duty as a wonderful warm vegetable salad recipe. Dive in as it is, or serve it alongside your dinnertime offerings. Drizzled with my Japanese-style dressing, it’s a wonderful blend of garlic, ginger and sesame, with pops of chilli for a lovely bit of freshness, crunch and heat.

A simple and tasty side dish, these baby Dutch carrots are a roasted wonder. Cooked in a delicious caramel until sticky, sweet and tender, they’re then drizzled in my Marion’s Kitchen Vietnamese tangy dressing, before a smattering of fresh chilli and crunchy peanuts finish it off. Vegetables never tasted so good!

With its creamy interior and crunchy outer, oven-roasted cauliflower is the perfect vessel for a dressing of champions: in this case, my miso and sesame vinaigrette. Gnarly, salty bacon boosts the savoury factor, although feel free to ditch it if you want to go meat-free. Salad doesn’t get much better, if you ask me!


Sound good? Check out my store locator to find out where to buy my range of dressings near you. Enjoy!

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