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Find all the Secrets from an Asian Mama’s Kitchen in Mama Noi’s FIRST EVER cookbook. Order Now

After an unusual Asian greens recipe? Try these.

Three unique and utterly delicious recipes that definitely don’t suck.


Asian greens are totally underrated. All too often, they’re simply steamed or stir-fried – and while that’s good and all, they can sometimes lack that spark of je ne sais quoi. So let’s mix things up and throw the rulebook out the window. Here, I’ve got three unique Asian greens recipes that totally don’t suck. We’re making tarts, spanakopita and even a PESTO from these often-overlooked vegetables (you can watch me at work in my video here, too). Prepare to have your mind blown…

Forget spinach: this Thai morning glory spanakopita recipe puts an Asian greens twist on the Greek savoury pie, with crispy and buttery flaky filo pastry layers and a creamy feta-ricotta and pak boong filling. A side dish worth celebrating… and even better than the original, we reckon! I love how the greens keep that slight bite and crunch, rather than just dissolving once cooked.

Another Asian greens recipe featuring pastry, because why the hell not? This choy sum and brie tart with added gruyere is all kinds of wonderful: savoury, creamy and with a delicious bite from the roasted veggies. Totally unexpected, but totally divine. It’s a great one to serve as part of a buffet party spread, on a picnic or for a work lunch.

It’s pesto, but not as you know it. Here, the base of this version uses Chinese broccoli instead of the traditional basil, and the result is exceptional. As well as this Chinese broccoli pesto pasta recipe, try it as a dip, spread on toast or as a coating for chicken or fish. 



So there you have it: three unique and unexpected Asian greens recipe ideas that will change how you look at vegetables forever. I’d love to hear what you think of each dish, so don’t forget to leave your review on each recipe page!

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