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The best recipes to make with curry paste… that aren’t curry

Your tastebuds won’t know what hit them.

Recipes with Thai Curry Paste Red Green Massaman

Have you heard the word? My brand new Marion’s Kitchen curry pastes have been released here in Australia and I am over the moon. There’s red, green and massaman, and it’s been a dream of mine for the last DECADE to get these bad boys out. I’ve been doing my happy dance ever since they hit shelves at Coles supermarkets (sorry, non-Aussies! Watch this space though!). They’re made following my very own family recipes, and you can be sure of premium, clean ingredients and not a whiff of any nasties. And I am LOVING how versatile they are. Because there are HEAPS of things you can make with curry paste – that aren’t curry! In the words of Bruno Mars, don’t believe me just watch…

What to make with Thai curry paste (besides curry)

I’m not dissing real-deal Thai curries – far from it! But did you know just how many different recipes and delicious dishes you can craft from a humble jar of paste? From noodles and fried chicken to sauce-saturated tater tots and even wontons (not even kidding), I’ve got the goods. Bookmark this article, work your way through these meals and get set for the ultimate curry-inspired recipes.

Thai red curry recipes

If you love fried chicken and the flavour of Thai red curry, then I’ve combined the two to make the most epic burger around. Juicy and tender with one heck of a crunch… and I’ve even given the mayo a zhuzh. Totally wholesome, totally awesome.

Super speedy doesn’t have to mean you have to compromise on flavour. This fried rice recipe is ready in just 15 minutes, plus brings home the heat thanks to a kick of my delicious and spicy Marion’s Kitchen Thai Red Curry Paste. Topped with fresh basil and a crispy egg, it’s a meal in itself, or a standout side.

Who knew Thai red curry paste could be so versatile? Rubbed on to a roast chicken as a spicy, fragrant marinade, and it takes a humble chook to new heights. Serve this with some simple steamed rice and Asian greens, then watch your loved ones swoon over how great it tastes.

Underneath this flaky, golden and beautifully latticed pastry lies a juicy and tender salmon fillet that’s coated in a fragrant layer of Thai flavours. It’s comforting, it’s delicate and it’s complex all at the same time. Serve this Asian-inspired salmon en croute with thrice-cooked pomme frites (fries sounds so much better in French!) and some sweet yet savoury bacon plum jam.

Mama Noi is in the kitchen and she’s making pandan prawns… with my new Thai Red Curry Paste starring in the epic marinade! These crowd-pleasing crustaceans are also delicately fragranced by the pandan leaves they’re wrapped up in. The perfect appetiser, snack or party food dish, it’s a classic seafood starter to keep your sleeve.

What do you get when you combine fried chicken and Thai curry, two of my all-time favourite dishes? Answer: fried chicken that’s given a kick thanks to a flavour-rich marinade. Crunchy, crispy, spicy and fragrant, one piece is never enough.

Make your salad sing with the flavours of Thailand, courtesy of this spicy and fragrant dressing that heroes Thai red curry paste. It’s equally delicious drizzled over steamed Asian greens, too. Perfect for using up those last bits in the jar!

Thai green curry recipes

There’s chicken in every mouthful, a delightful sauce and bouncy noodles to soak it all up. Pretty appetising, if you ask me.

Eat your heart out, Dr Seuss: it’s a green eggs and ham recipe… with an Asian twist! Yep, we’re adding our Marion’s Kitchen Thai green curry paste to scrambled eggs and the result is magical. Oh, the flavours you’ll taste!

Gather the troops – they’re helping you make wontons! Making these is cooking therapy at its absolute best… assemble your people, get everything ready, then have a ton of fun folding – they taste all the better being homemade. The dish is a different take on a Chinese classic: silky pork dumplings infused with my Green Curry Paste, then served with a rich, sweetish, limey coconut cream sauce and scattered with chilli and fried shallots. So. Darned. Good.

Look, there’s something about crispy potatoes that SCREAMS comfort. But when drizzled with a curry sauce (made from my brand new paste, whoop!) and topped with golden cheesy goodness? That’s gold standard. With this side dish recipe (or standalone snack, to be fair), I’m elevating the humble tater tot to new heights. Pair ‘em with some meat and vegies, or just dive on in as it is. Either way, you’ll love this one.

Thai massaman curry recipes

Now here’s a fun way to use up your Thai massaman curry paste: make meatballs! Not only are we using those fragrant flavours in the meat itself, but we’re also creating a delicious curry sauce that’s just begging to be mopped up with some fresh bread.

Tender, juicy chicken pieces and creamy potatoes marinated in Thai massaman make friends in this simple but rich-flavoured one-pan traybake recipe. And my new massaman curry paste makes it a time-saver – and game-changer! Serve it with some peanutty slaw for added freshness and you’ve got a filling and delicious weeknight meal.

Looking for a knockout Sunday roast recipe with a difference? Try these massaman beef cheeks! Slow-cooked tender beef with super crispy roast potatoes, fresh green beans and a ‘gravy’ that’s full of authentic Thai massaman curry flavours. Family food at its best. 

Few people can resist a good sausage roll. Crispy, golden and flaky pastry encases tender, juicy meat – in this recipe, we’ve gone one step further and blended it with the perfect amount of fragrant Thai massaman curry paste. Rustle up a batch and get the party started.


What will you make first?

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