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Quick, easy and dang good beef noodles to whip up in a flash

Such a blessing did not exist until now. 

Quick Easy Beef Noodles Recipes

Beef noodles: they sometimes get a bad rap for being a bit bland, a bit grey, a bit chewy. Well, enough, says I. I’m making a stand. A delicious stand, at that. These beef noodle recipes of mine will change your mind forever more. I’m promising charry beef mince atop bouncy, glorious, slurpable tendrils. Or tender, silky strips of steak that almost dissolve on your tongue in a moment of umami bliss. From fast and furious stir-fries to slow and steady one-pot wonders, there’s something for everyone. (Except maybe vegetarians.)

With charred slices of beef, fresh noodles and a savoury sauce, this stir-fry recipe is a keeper.

Pop your phone on silent and ignore any interruptions – this is one dinner that deserves to be savoured in all its glory. It’s one of my most-searched-for recipes and DANG. I know exactly why: it tastes phenom.

Chinese Braised Beef Noodles

Ker-ching, this one is RICH, my friend. So many layers of flavour, so much gloss and sass – I can’t even. It’s ALL the things. Tender, sticky beef, bouncy noodles and a glossy, joyful sauce make this one a household favourite of mine.

This beef noodle dish is full of charred beef, cabbage and carrot, plus a stunning hoisin sauce.

Dive into a bowl of these noodles, overflowing with savoury, charred beef mince… no soggy, greyness in sight, guaranteed. One of my most popular beef recipes full stop, and for good reason. 

Sichuan ‘Chongqing’ Noodle Soup

Chongqing noodles, also known in Chinese as xiao mian, is unlike any noodle soup that has passed your lips before. It’s a popular dish that hails from the Sichuan province of China and boy, am I glad it’s made its way into my kitchen. It’s savoury. Spicy. Fiery, even. But SO. DARN. ADDICTIVE. Here, I’ve topped my version of Sichuan Chongqing noodle soup with a sticky and tender braised beef, and the result is glorious.

Lemongrass Beef Noodle Salad

With its chewy noodles, fresh herbs, crunchy veg and tender beef, this really is an explosion of flavour with every mouthful. The marinade also works well with chicken, prawns or on anything you’re barbecuing.

Mongolian Beef Udon Noodles

This quick and tender stir-fry recipe blends Mongolian beef with chewy udon noodles for an Asian fusion dish the whole family will love. Perfect for midweek.

Bun Bo Hue

This Vietnamese noodle soup isn’t as well known as its pho cousin, but it’s equally as delicious. Fragrant, flavoursome and full of depth, it requires a bit of planning… although I guarantee it’s a weekend project you won’t regret.

Beef & Broccoli Noodles

How quick is this stir-fry? Super quick, that’s what. For dinner in a hurry, this noodle dish will tick all the boxes: it’s flavour-packed, features deliciously chewy noodles and tender, marinated beef. Positively swoon-worthy.

Korean Jap Chae Noodles

My version of Korean japchae is a noodle-lover’s delight, and I’ve got just the techniques to take this dish off the scale, flavour-wise. If you’re into the wonders of Korean recipes, this one is a must. Trust. 

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Hands up if you love a time-saver tip in the kitchen. Cheat your way to full-on flavour in a fraction of the time. All you need are a few essential aromatic ingredients… and a handy pressure cooker.

Spicy Beef Sambal Noodles

Get set for a bangin’ beef noodle recipe… with a kick. Maximise the spice and all things nice in this killer dish.

Slow-cooker Sticky Beef Noodles

Incredibly tender and sticky chilli and ginger beef (thank you, marinade!) cooked low and slow, spooned over springy noodles… this is weekend cooking at its best. And guess what? It tastes even better the next day, so feel free to make ahead or save some for leftovers.

Cantonese Beef ‘Chow Fun’ Noodles

Don’t be deceived – what might look like a humble beef recipe is actually so full of flavour – the meat in this one just melts in your mouth. Ready in under 30 minutes, this easy dinner idea is a true weeknight hero.

Easy Beef Chow Mein

Fed up of disappointing beef stir-fries? This homemade chow mein is a total gamechanger.

Thai Beef Noodle Soup

Thai street food is my true happy place. And this dish is pretty legendary if you ask me.  The soup is simmered slowly for an hour and a half, so it’s great for cheap cuts of beef such as chuck steak that need longer cooking times. Add fresh veggies and noodles at the end of the cooking time and you’ve got a killer broth full of satisaction. It’s a one-pot wonder.

Even more beef noodle recipes


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