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Say hello to Marion’s new Meal Kits

Making dinnertime extra easy, one meal kit at a time

Say hello to Marion’s new Meal Kits

It’s time to meet the new kids on the block! We’ve expanded the family with brand new meal kits to make your dinnertime a dream. And there’s not one, not two, but THREE new Marion’s Kitchen meal kits to add some spice to your regular weeknight meals.

What’s on the menu? Soft pillowy bao buns crafted by you; ultra-crispy and crunchy fried chicken that even gives the Colonel food envy; and sticky, spicy, smokey BBQ pulled pork that’s ideal for topping nachos, sliders, tacos and more.

No more longingly waiting at the window for the delivery driver to arrive – we’ve got all your faves covered with these new delights.

Marion’s Kitchen Bao Bun Meal Kit

If you’ve been dreaming of pulling your own little parcels of pillowy goodness out of your steamer but just can’t face the faff, fear not. This is our all-in-one, works-every-time answer to homemade bao buns.

This new Marion’s Kitchen meal kit contains everything you need to make the soft, fluffy, pillowy parcels that are sure to impress your mates, your mum or your better half. You’ll be a bao bun extraordinaire in an evening with this handy-dandy meal kit. All you have to do now is figure out your fillings: char siu pork, fried chicken, slow-roasted crispy pork bellymiso eggplant or whatever else floats your boat.

The possibilities are endless, so gather your mates, get creative and get cracking. Here’s a little special bao bun recipe of ours to whet your appetite…

Bao Bun Meatball Sub

New Marions Kitchen Meal Kits

I bet you’ve never seen buns quite as good as these! We’re making steamed homemade bao buns from scratch using the new Marion’s Kitchen Bao Bun Meal Kit (although we have a DIY version for our non-Aussie community!), then filling ‘em with tender-as-heck super cheesy meatballs and the most flavoursome marinara sauce ever. These are our meatball sub bao buns… cheesy, meaty, pillowy and downright bao-yoo-tiful!

Signature Fried Chicken Meal Kit

Have a hankering for the delicious crunchiness that is a good piece of fried chicken but just can’t face the delivery wait? Enter: our Signature Fried Chicken Meal Kit! This meal kit is chock full of all the ingredients needed to make crispy and epic fried chicken at home.

It comes down to our years-in-the-making combo of an epic savoury marinade coupled with our extra-crispy coating. This is your classic fried chicken, but even BETTER.

Whack it in a sarnie, a bun (see our Bao Bun Meal Kit) or chuck it in the airfryer or make adult nuggets fit for a king. However you make it, this is people-pleasing stuff. Check out these recipes and see what we mean…

Fastest Fried Chicken Dinner

New Marions Kitchen Meal Kits

Feel like a fried chicken feast but don’t want to wait for your delivery driver to make their way through rush hour? Here’s all the good stuff – chicken pieces, gravy, mashed potatoes AND coleslaw – made in record time… and faster than you can get KFC delivered to your home.

Best Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets

New Marions Kitchen Meal Kits

Bye bye frozen aisle air fryer nuggets – this recipe is better than any nugs you can get from the store. The secret? It’s all in the seasoning. This family-friendly recipe makes a light, crispy and totally satisfying version so you can enjoy the nug life without the deep frying, plus there’s a knockout homemade barbecue sauce to dip them in. Result!

BBQ Pulled Pork Meal Kit

Prepare yourself for slow-cooked, melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork, slathered in our signature sticky chilli barbecue sauce. It’s soft, it’s tender and it’s the perfect balance of spicy, smokey and sticky. All natural ingredients, no nasties and no fuss, this meal kit brings home the goodness.

Pair it with a ‘slaw, whack it in a bun (bao is best), use it to level up your baked taters or as an extra scrumptious nacho topping.

Whatever you’re feeling, this is a Meal Kit made to share with your mates and impress the masses. Looking for some pulled pork recipes? Check these out…

Chilli Oil Pulled Pork Noodles

New Marions Kitchen Meal Kits

Chilli oil noodles are definitely having a moment… but no-one’s ever made them with pulled pork in the mix… until now! Marion’s hack for getting that delish handpulled noodle-type vibe is also a total game changer – prepare to never look at lasagne sheets the same way again. Hold on to your hats: this is the recipe that breaks all the rules (and for good reason!).

Pulled Pork Roti Wrap

New Marions Kitchen Meal Kits

The great thing about pulled pork is that it can be used in so many different recipes, and a little really does go a long way. If you’ve demolished the bulk of your pulled pork feast but you’ve still got some leftovers for lunch, this is for you. Put those leftovers to good use with this pulled pork roti wrap – it’s like a cross between a Vietnamese banh mi and a gyros, but even tastier!

One-pan Pulled Pork Breakfast Skillet

New Marions Kitchen Meal Kits

If you’re wondering how to use up your leftover pulled pork, this breakfast recipe is a fantastic and filling way to get through the rest of your shredded savoury goodness. Added to a skillet with some cheese, crispy potatoes, gooey egg and a tangy sauce and it’s guaranteed to get your day off to the best start. Add a drizzle of chilli sauce or sriracha to bring on the heat. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day with this one!

Pulled Pork Spring Rolls

New Marions Kitchen Meal Kits

Got leftover pulled pork? These spring rolls are just what you’ve been missing! Soft, tender and with the irresistible pull of mozzarella with every mouthful, they’re the perfect snack or starter to feed your loved ones.

The new Marion’s Kitchen meal kits are available now in Australia at Coles supermarkets.

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