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Top 10: Marion Grasby’s best recipes of 2022

This year's most popular dishes you made again, and again, and again…

Top 10 Marion Grasby’s best recipes of 2022

As the year draws to a close, we’ve been doing some reflection on everything 2022 has brought – and everything we’ve eaten. From viral pastas to sriracha on everything, it’s been 12 months of epic dishes. And while it’s a total faux pas for your mum to pick a favourite, we definitely can. We’ve dived through the data and sorted the stats to bring you the top 10 Marion Grasby best recipes of 2022, from the meals you had on repeat to the quick fixes that made their way onto your weekly dinner rotation. 

Marion Grasby’s best recipes for 2022

This 10-minute recipe is the ultimate quick fix dinner, and it definitely deserves its spot on this year’s most popular recipes hitlist. It’s rich, it’s comforting and it’s INSANELY good. You know what else? It’s always soup weather when this one’s on the cards.

Laksa, who doesn’t love it? And it’s even better when you can have it on the table in just 15 minutes. Featuring a rich, creamy broth and all the trimmings, this one is perfect for weeknights when you want to curb that curry laksa craving in a quarter of the time.

Meet your number 8! This ramen is all the things: spicy pork, bouncy noodles and a deliciously creamy broth… AND it’s surprisingly easy to make, too. This is the ultimate comfort ramen that doesn’t take hours to make, and we’ll be rustling it up well into 2023, too.

If you’re entertaining a crowd, these are the ultimate people-pleaser. These bite-sized short ribs are sweet, spicy, tangy – and craaaaazy good, what more could you ask for!

Handheld food makes its way into the top 10 – zero surprises there! And you’ll see why once you make homemade bao buns from scratch rather than buying store-bought ones. As for the filling to beat all fillings, look no further than this Korean Fried Chicken. You guys have been making this one all year! Know what else? Our brand new homemade bao bun meal kit will have you whipping these up in a fraction of the time!

Halfway through our Marion Grasby best recipes list, people! And number five is a real winner – it’s silky, glossy and chock full of prawns. Yep, this is one next-level bowl of spaghetti. Seems lime you lots are total pasta fiends, just like us. And if you haven’t tried this one already, you simply have to. Trust.

We’re nearing the top spot, and we’re not even a weeny bit surprised that our ultimate beef stir-fry is making an appearance. It’s the total opposite of a grey, tough beef dish, thanks to Marion’s tried-and-tested tips and techniques. So many positive comments about this one.

Top three, you guys. This was the third most-popular recipe in the year that was, and judging from that glossy goodness you can easily see why. Garlic prawns, a silky sauce and delightful udon noodles… what’s not to love? Oh, and it’s on the table in 15 minutes, so that’s another bonus.

These Hoisin Beef Noodles may have taken out second place this time, but they’re always a winner in our eyes! Savoury, bouncy egg noodles get up close and personal with charred, flavour-packed beef (thanks to our winning tips, of course), and don’t even get us started on that rich, umami-laden sauce. Plus… it’s got heaps of veggies in it too (and the kids won’t pick it out). Meet your new favourite dinner meal – this is one that definitely deserves its spot in your weekly rotation.

Numero uno time and quelle surprise (or not)… THE recipe of the year was this spicy garlic butter linguine. It’s the recipe that blew up our Marion’s Kitchen channel (oyster sauce… in pasta?) and is a true fan favourite. Chances are good you already know this one, but if you aren’t familiar with it, get to know! This one has everything: garlic, spice, butter, cheese… aaaaand we’re drooling. 


So there you have it, our big hitter Marion Grasby best recipes of 2022. How many have you ticked off?

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