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Miso pasta? Totally a thing.

Your favourite umami-maker, combined with your favourite carbs. I’m here for it.

Miso Pasta Recipes

After the daily grind is done, nothing says comfort like a steaming bowl of pasta (bonus points if there’s cheese involved). And, if you’re wanting to get as close to food heaven as possible, then you’re going to need my secret fusion pasta ingredient. That’s right: miso. This wonder paste brings so much unexpected flavour and umami – it’s a total vibe. So, without further ado, here are my ultimate miso pasta recipes. Enjoy!

The 12 miso pasta recipes you NEED to try

Grab your fork and shovel these straight to your face.

Miso Carbonara

Creamy, bacon-y carbonara with one of my favourite Asian ingredients – miso takes this pasta dish to the next level. Can you guess what it is? Italian friends, you may want to look away now. 

Creamy Miso Garlic Prawn Linguine

This is one of those times where the picture does the talking. I mean. Just. Look. At. It. 

Look at that cheese pasta goodness! This family friendly recipe for tuna mornay is a keeper in your weeknight repertoire.

Unbelievably cheesy and with layers of flavour, this is my kinda pasta bake. You’ll also love my trick for squeezing in some hidden vegies, making it a slightly healthier dinner option. (Emphasis on ‘slightly’… this is a cheese-lover’s dream!)

Easy Creamy Miso Mushroom Gnocchi

Grab some store-bought gnocchi and turn it from meh to marvellous with this wondrous miso pasta idea. Creamy, savoury and utterly soul-warming.

Marion’s Best Lasagne

Cheesy layers. Optimum beefiness. Rich sauce. All in all, this lasagne is luxe, luxe, luxe. With a few cooking tricks and tips of mine, you too can enjoy the pasta dinner of champions.

Weeknight Beef Stroganoff

Not your typical beef stroganoff, my weeknight recipe uses surprise (then again, you’re reading an article on miso pasta recipes, so how much of a surprise are you after?) Asian ingredients to pump up the volume on the savoury scale. And that steak? So tender and as far from tough and grey as you can get.

Creamy Mac ’n’ Four-Cheese

If cheese is your weakness, this dish is your full-on Kryptonite. It’s gloriously gooey, oozy and moreish, and I guarantee if you serve this up at your dining table, you’re going to end up with deliriously happy diners.

Creamy Tomato Vodka Pasta

Tomato sauce just got the ultimate glow-up. This fresh and fragrant miso pasta dish couldn’t get more comforting. Stretchy pants optional. 

Miso Mushroom Spaghetti

This miso pasta dish is a triple-threat umami bomb: miso, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. Creamy and silky, it’s a perfect weeknight dinner because there’s MINIMAL prep involved. Does life get any better?

Ricotta Gnocchi & Miso Burnt Butter

Craving pasta? Dial up your gnocchi by making the lightest, fluffiest pillows from scratch, and finishing them off in a savoury, buttery sauce. Comfort food at its best.

15-Minute Bolognese

When have I ever stuck to ‘traditional’? My riff on the classic results in the tastiest spag bol ever. And let me tell you something that no one has told you before. The best bolognese sauce needs miso paste… AND a wok. Mind. Blown.

Marion’s Best Spaghetti Meatballs

I’m calling it: these meatballs are the bomb dot com. Packed full of flavour, yet still so soft and tender, they’re the perfect companion to my epic tomato sauce and a bowl of freshly cooked spaghetti.

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