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Get your hands on Marion’s LATEST cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

What's for dinner? Try our Make it Wednesday recipes!

Marion's done the deciding, so you don't have to.

Make It Wednesday Marion

Have you been following our Make it Wednesday series? Whether you’re new to proceedings or are a seasoned regular, it’s sure to become your favourite time of the week. Because by the time that midweek mark rolls around and your “What’s for dinner?” well of inspo is starting to run dry, Marion’s got the goods. Yep, Wednesday is the day where she decides what you’re making for dinner. 


We’ve had quite the variety of dishes to date (Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese… we’ve done it all!) – and you guys are LOVING these recipes! So scroll down, take a peek and see what takes your fancy, then get ready to add some awesomeness to your meal rotation. Oh, and don’t forget you can even cook along with her by watching the cookalong videos, found below each week’s recipes. Hooray for sharing the mental load, we say!

Not your typical beef stroganoff, my weeknight recipe uses surprise Asian ingredients to pump up the volume on the savoury scale. And that steak? So tender and as far from tough and grey as you can get! Creamy, rich and comforting, serve this weeknight dinner with your pasta of choice.

How’s this for a bowl of comforting bliss: Cantonese-inspired BBQ char siu pork perched atop an epic fried rice packed with egg, savoury sauce and virtuous vegies. How to make this weeknight dinner even better? Get the PJs on, Netflix playing and phone on silent. Boom.

Considered real Japanese comfort food, Japanese-style curry is typically eaten as curry Katsu (a curry sauce with rice and either sliced, crumbed chicken or pork) but is excellent in a soup iteration for thick, chewy udon noodles, boosted with chicken mince and finished with a whole raft of fun and delish toppings.

Another midweek saviour, heading your way! I can’t believe how much flavour you can pack into beef mince, but this recipe really shows how vibrant and versatile this staple supermarket ingredient can be. This savoury mince is bursting with Indian spices and umami, plus the tender potato adds a lovely creaminess to proceedings too. I love serving this dish with delicately fragranced rice and some fresh flourishes at the end. All up, this is a wonderful weeknight option for the whole family to enjoy – as well as your tastebuds.

Tender, juicy chicken pieces and creamy potatoes marinated in Thai massaman make friends in this simple but rich-flavoured one-pan traybake recipe. And my new massaman curry paste makes it a time-saver – and game-changer! Serve it with some peanutty slaw for added freshness and you’ve got a filling and delicious weeknight meal.

Craving a Thai panang curry but haven’t got the time to make your paste from scratch? No worries, I got you! This quick and easy weeknight version makes use of my brand new Marion’s Kitchen Thai Red Curry Paste – and it’s a midweek saviour. Blended with a few extra special ingredients, and you’ve got a full-bodied, exquisitely flavoured dinner on the table in a fraction of the time. Try it served with some steamed rice and a classic Thai omelette.

A few prep steps, and then bung this one in the oven, put your feet up and let dinner do its thing. This Vietnamese curry recipe is kinda traybake, kinda casserole but all kinds of wonderful. Chicken and rice never tasted so good.

Feel like ramen but don’t want to spend hours simmering a broth? This is the express recipe you need for a quick and tasty Japanese noodle soup. A few little cheats turn everyday ingredients into a knockout weeknight dinner that’s ready in minutes. Watch the cookalong video and get set to slurp.

Peanut butter fans – rejoice! Lovers of sweet chilli sauce, chicken and tortilla chips, you can do a happy dance too, because these Asian-ised nachos are loaded with everything you love. Crunchy, crispy and ridiculously cheesy, this weeknight family dinner is so darn easy to make. Play around with the ingredients too with beef mince, chickpeas, tofu, beans… anything your heart desires. Check out the cookalong video here to nail those nachos.

These cheesy baked potatoes have a spicy, Korean-inspired pork and gochujang topping and are an easy family recipe to add to your dinner rotation. Starting them off in the microwave cuts down on cooking time, too.

This quick and tender stir-fry recipe blends Mongolian beef with chewy udon noodles for an Asian fusion dish the whole family will love. Check out our cookalong video to see these beef noodles come to life.

Having another ‘What’s for dinner?’ midweek meltdown? This simple Vietnamese salad is fresh and filling, and features chicken, noodles, herbs and a zingy dressing. It’s light, lush and full of crunch, thanks to some rather delicious crispy toppings. And before you roll your eyes, this is a salad recipe you can REALLY get behind (it’s anything but sad!).

Watch the cookalong video
to watch this Make it Wednesday meal come together. 

This weeknight, one-pan traybake recipe saves on chopping, washing up and the biggie: time. It’s an easy midweek dinner that packs in the flavour… and the vegetables. It’s not hot and fiery, but the Kashmiri chilli powder does add a slight hum of heat. If you’ve got kiddies in your clan, you could always switch it out for some sweet paprika instead.  

Bring some Indian spice to your midweek with this simple but flavour-packed vegetable side. It’s comforting, warming and has just enough ingredients to make you feel a little bit virtuous.

Watch the
Indian spices cookalong video to watch this Make it Wednesday meal come together. 

Don’t forget to check back each week and cookalong with Marion!

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