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5 EPIC ways to use up your leftover ham this holiday season

by Marion's Kitchen

5 EPIC ways to use up
your leftover ham this holiday season

Don’t knock the hock, you guys. These easy leftover recipes will rock your post-Christmas world.


So Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a glazed ham. But what do you do once the music stops and the presents are unwrapped… and what can you make with leftovers?! Easy: you watch my video of what I personally made from 20kg of leftover ham, then make one of these five awesome (and simple) leftovers recipes. 

Leftover ham recipes to level up the holidays

No more wondering what to cook with Christmas leftovers – here’s your answer.

Thomas Keller’s Croque Madame

Wondering how to use up that leftover Christmas ham? Try my take on Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Croque Madame, aka the ULTIMATE grilled ham and cheese sandwich topped with a rich and creamy mornay sauce and gooey eggs. I can’t even.

Ham Dan Dan Noodles: ideal to use up those Christmas leftovers

It’s spicy dan dan noodles… but not as you know it! This version switches out pork mince for leftover Christmas ham, and the result is a holly, jolly, tongue-tingling time. Sichuan peppercorns give depth and heat to this dish and the spicy sauce is the perfect pairing.

Classic Ham Salad

OK, so I’ll be the first to admit this Classic Ham Salad isn’t exactly Instagram-friendly. However, don’t be dissing this dip because my word, it is actually pretty amazing. Serve with assorted crackers or on bread rolls – it’s ideal to use up leftovers or as an easy ‘help yourself’ option on game day.

Ham-broth Ramen Noodle Soup: the king of Christmas leftovers recipes!

That’s it: from now on, I’m always saving my leftover ham at Christmas to upgrade my instant ramen stock. This is an ingenious way to get maximum flavour from something you’d probably normally just discard. Life-changing, you guys. Get amongst it!

Spicy Chilli Oil Ham Wontons

Just when you think you can’t eat any more ham, along comes a dumpling to save the day. These bouncy, juicy spicy ham wontons are a clever, quick and easy way to use up your Christmas leftovers and bring some much-needed spice to the post-festive proceedings.

Can’t get enough ham? Try these.


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