Get your hands on Marion’s LATEST cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

Get your hands on Marion’s LATEST cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

My new cookbook, Just as Delicious, is here!

It’s LANDED and ready to pre-order. Cue happy dance!

Just as Delicious Marion Grasby Cookbook

Can I get a whoop whoop: my new cookbook is here! Yep, Just as Delicious has landed and is comin’ in hot. I am BEYOND excited. Full of page after page of my favourite food, it’s the companion cookbook to Always Delicious, but TBH it’s also worthy of standalone status in its own right. So what’s it all about? What recipes can you expect? How can you get your mitts on the magic? Read all about it… or watch the teaser vid below!

Just as Delicious: from concept to cookbook

The origin story for Just as Delicious is a simple one: I had so many recipes I wanted to share with you guys… and I ran out of room in my last cookbook! When I wrote Always Delicious (my first cookbook in YEARS), I set out to capture what you love most about my food and lifestyle channels: the tips, techniques and, most importantly, recipes that work. But it felt like only a small slice of the pie. And you can never have too much pie, amirite?


So here we are with Just as Delicious. Even more of the things you love, as well as the delightful details I believe make cooking and eating so joyful. Because for me, the point is not just what ends up on your plate. It’s about that smug little smile to yourself as you flip your flaky handmade roti in the pan. It’s about the soul-tingling joy in splashing foaming butter over the glorious crust of a thick-cut steak. And surely you’re doing a happy dance when that first piece of crispy fried chicken emerges from the hot oil. There is SO MUCH beauty in the process of cooking and that’s what I hope to share with you all.


I mean… just LOOK at them.

What to expect

First off: epic recipes, plus I’ve also got dishes in there that make use of essential (life) skills. And yes, while paying your bills on time and making your own bed are totally necessary life-admin fodder, I’m much more interested in knowing how to make the juiciest roast chicken or the ultimate gyoza. 


In Just as Delicious, you’ll find the core techniques I come back to time and again. And throughout the book I’ve scattered QR codes that take you to exclusive video tips, as well as visual step-by-step guides. At the heart of it all is the ‘why’. Showing why something works, or why an ingredient is important gives you so much more than just a recipe. My hope is that it makes you celebrate the beautiful details and brings you more joy in the food you cook every day.

Just as Delicious: chapter by chapter

You can find out all about Just as Delicious (including how to secure your very own copy!) right here on my site – you won’t find it in bookstores or anywhere else. To whet your appetite, here’s a little teaser…

Poach, steam, sear, roast

The treatment of your ingredients is key to amping up the flavour. In this chapter you’ll find the best ever roast potatoes, melt-in-your-mouth steak and silky-smooth poached eggs, just to name a few. Rejoice!

Broths and braises


Warming and fragrant, satisfying and substantial, these are the recipes I treasure, both for their rich and rewarding flavours, and their soul-healing properties.

Crispy crunchy things


If snap, crackle and crunch mean anything to you, then this is the chapter you need. From fried chicken to cornflake prawns and potato pancakes, expect savoury perfection on every page.

Stir-fry, but make it good


All my tricks, techniques and knockout recipes to ensure you end up with a bowl of good stuff, rather than a sad, sweaty mess.

Whole lotta spice


Exactly what it says on the tin. Plus I’ve thrown in some unexpected surprises here too! (Hello, Sichuan peppercorn ice-cream.)

Bake me happy


In this chapter, you’ll find everything from friend-making breads to showstopper desserts. It’s a goodie!

Make it really fast

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