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Get your hands on Marion's NEW cookbook, Always Delicious. Shop now (we ship worldwide!)

Get your hands on Marion’s NEW cookbook, Always Delicious. Shop now (we ship worldwide!)

How to choose the perfect Thai curry to suit your tastebuds

From red, yellow and green to everything in between, here’s your ultimate guide to Thai curries.


Thai curries are truly joyous – whether you like things hot and spicy or mild and mellow, there’s a dish for every palate. My handy Marion’s Kitchen Meal Kits are a great way to enjoy curry in a hurry, although if you’ve got time to spare, why not try making your own paste from scratch? My Thai Panang Chicken Curry is a great place to start! I love how Thai curries are so versatile, and how you can cook them with all kinds of meat, seafood or vegetables to mix things up. Read on as I explain the difference between Thai curries so you’re clued up and ready to dive in! 

Try making a Thai Panang Curry from scratch to experience the real deal!

What’s the difference between red, green and yellow Thai curry?

You’ve seen them on menus, but which Thai curry is the hottest? What should you order if you’re not a spice fan? In general, yellow is the mildest, red is medium-hot and green is spicy, although it can sometimes vary depending on what region of Thailand you are in. For those of you NOT in Thailand, read on for my complete guide to Thai curries… and tips on how to dial down the heat!

My meal kits make cooking Thai curries and stir-fries quick and easy.

Thai red curry

Thai red curries get their colour from the red chillies used in the paste. They can be hot, but the spice factor is toned down a little by the inclusion of coconut milk. If you’re making it from scratch at home, you can always remove the seeds from your chillies to make it less spicy, too. My meal kit makes things super-quick and easy, and I’ve got lots of recipe ideas to make that handy box of tricks go even further. For instance, you can go traditional with Thai Red Curry Chicken… or try a Thai Red Curry Fried Rice instead! 

Thai green curry

Like your curries spicy? Try going green! Thai green curries are made with fresh green chillies, coriander and makrut lime to name just a few ingredients – all of them delicious! Coconut milk rounds off the spice a little, but if you prefer a milder curry, leave out the chillies in the spice packet when using my Thai Green Curry Kit. For an especially tongue-tingling version, try Mum’s Very Spicy Thai Green Curry!

Mum’s Very Spicy Thai Green Curry

Get set to top the spice scale with Mama Noi’s green curry recipe!

Thai yellow curry

Turmeric is what gives this curry its yellow hue – so bear that in mind if you ever make this paste from scratch because #staining! Thai yellow curry is more mellow than green or red varieties, but that doesn’t make it any less vibrant. It’s still packed with fragrant herbs and ingredients. Try my Southern Thai Yellow Crab Curry and see what I mean.

Southern Thai Yellow Crab Curry

Mellow Thai yellow curry is full of fragrance and flavour.

Other Thai curries I love

Thai massaman

Massaman is a bit different to the other curries, because it features spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. It’s popular in central and southern Thailand, and is usually topped off with potatoes and peanuts. Relatively mild in flavour, I love how rich and creamy it is. It’s the perfect base for my Slow-Roasted Duck Massaman and pairs perfectly with the gamey flavour of the meat.

Slow-Roasted Duck Massaman

My Slow-Roasted Duck Massaman is dinner-party worthy!

Jungle curry

If you’re all about the heat, then this is the curry for you. It features no coconut milk, so you’re getting the full impact of that beautiful and intense curry paste. Check out my Thai Jungle Curry recipe, where I make it from scratch using some traditional Thai ingredients.

Thai Jungle Curry

It’s definitely one of the hottest Thai curries out there! This is my very spicy Jungle Curry.

Some of my favourite curry recipes




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