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30 chicken stir fry recipes you HAVE to try

It’s pretty much one dish for each day of the month.

Chicken Stir Fry Recipes

Who doesn’t love a stir fry? They’re the perfect dinner idea when you’re short on time but don’t want to scrimp on flavour. We’ve previously mentioned how to make beef stir-fries taste AMAZING thanks to my top tips for this Asian cooking method, but what about the humble chicken? Yep, research shows that poultry is the most consumed meat in both Australia and the US – hardly surprising when it’s so versatile (wings, legs, thighs… we love it all!). If you’re looking for more meal ideas to add to your midweek dinner rotation, look no further. Without further ado, here are 30 of our best chicken stir fry recipe ideas.

Our chicken stir fry recipe round-up

Sweet and sour chicken is a classic, but Marion’s version is lighter, fresher and super awesome. Simmer up the sticky sweet and sour sauce, then coat the chicken in flour and deep-fry for a light crunch – not a really heavy batter. Fresh tomato and onion complete this tasty dish.

It’s easier than you think to make our version of this Thai restaurant classic at home… and it’s so much tastier than a takeaway! Bursting with colourful vegies, lightly crisped chicken and a glossy sauce, it’ll put a smile on anyone’s face.

Sichuan peppercorns are the star of the show when it comes to this easy weeknight stir-fry. They bring high citrusy notes and an almost numbing sensation, but it has to be tried to be believed. Rustle this up and you won’t regret it!

This chicken stir fry recipe is fast, fresh and fabulous, making it ideal for busy weekday dinners. It’s simple, but totally special too with its sweet, spicy and fragrant flavours. Serve it with steamed rice and you’ve got a winner on your hands.

There’s a shock horror ingredient in this one, but trust me: stick with it (and stick with my foolproof technique!) and the proof will be in the stir-fry.

If ever there was an elegant stir-fry Olympics, this would win gold! Beautiful flavours sing in harmony to create a standout but simple noodle dish you’ll return to again and again.

This noodle recipe comes together in minutes, and is a dinner the whole family will love. Satay sauce gives the bouncy, springy noodles a sweet, peanutty flavour you’ll keep going back to… beats a takeaway, any day!

Want to know the dish that’s a fan favourite in Marion’s family? Mama Noi’s pad see ew has always been an absolute hit with the Grasby gang. Try it out for yourself and get in on the action! You could even try and make your own rice noodles if you’re feeling especially inspired.

Listen up: you need this Taiwanese sesame chicken stir fry recipe on your radar, stat! This one is gloriously sticky and savoury, and only takes minutes to cook (hello, midweek meal!). Feel free to switch out the cooking wine for chicken stock if you’re needing an alcohol-free version.

When you’re short on time but in need of big, full-on flavour, look no further than these peanutty, comforting stir-fried udon noodles. Our handy shortcuts will get this family-friendly dinner on the table in less than 15 minutes.

We’ve taken your typical General Tso’s chicken, but put an adults-only twist on things – yep, this one is more savoury, more spicy and even more delicious! Not only that, but our secret marinade ingredient helps get things nice and crispy and really carries all that epic flavour.

A celebration of Chinese flavours and with serious comfort factor, this speedy chicken stir fry recipe is ready to dive into in well under half an hour – with plenty of minutes to spare. Savoury, peppery flavours are king in this dish – so satisfying.

If you love pad see ew, then you’ll want to try this version with charry, chewy glass noodles. It’s loaded with umaminess and sheer joy. The Thai condiments really set things off, so definitely don’t miss them off.

All the ingredients for this weeknight stir-fry are incredibly simple, but when added to the wok, pure magic happens. The result? A bowl of sticky, savoury, caramelised chicken goodness. Fragrant and fabulous… give it a go!

This spicy Thai salad is one of our all-time favourites. We love how the chilli kick and the fragrance from the herbs really bring the chicken mince to life. You could also try this one with pork or turkey mince, too.

All you chilli fans out there are going to love this take on Sichuan chilli chicken. Spicy peppercorns and fiery chillies turn up the heat to maximum volume – this isn’t one for the faint-hearted!

Dinner in 10 minutes? Yep, it’s totally possible with this winning recipe idea. It’s also packed with greens and a hint of chilli. This is the one for those busy weeknights when you know you need to eat but you just don’t want to cook.

Three is the magic number with this simple stir-fry: it’s deliciously sweet, sour and spicy! Serve with some steamed rice on the side for a winner of a weeknight dinner.

Red and green capsicums add vibrant colour to this family favourite meal. Bite-size pieces of fried chicken and cashews and baby corn from Marion’s Kitchen Cashew Chicken kit complete a dish that will be a regular on your midweek.

These stir-fried noodles are a lesser-known street food dish that really pack a punch – definitely one for the must-try list! And with that perfectly marinated chicken? A match made in heaven.

If you like pad see ew, this is a supercharged version with charred, chewy rice noodles, thick silky gravy and tender chicken. It’s everything you want in a dish. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not make the noodles from scratch, too – it’s surprisingly simple!

This spicy fried rice is full-on fiery, guys! It’s a combination of that gorgeous Thai stir-fry pad ga prao paired with delicious savoury rice… and it totally packs a hot punch! Ease up on the chillies if needed to suit (and save) your tastebuds.

This Thai restaurant dish is really easy to recreate at home. See what we mean!

Three times a charm! It might sound like this restaurant classic needs a lot of love and attention thanks to the thrice-cooked noodles, but trust us – it really does make the world of difference to this popular Chinese dish. If you don’t have a seasoned wok, use a non-stick pan so you don’t get in a tangle. Enjoy!

If you’re after curry in a hurry, this stir-fry is just what you need. A fast and fabulous chicken recipe that’s packed full of gorgeous vegies.

Using my Cashew Chicken kit makes this Thai stir-fry staple extra easy to rustle up in next to no time – it’s a great weeknight wonder! It’s packed full of vibrant veggies, although you could easily bulk the dish out by serving it with simple steamed rice on the side.

This may not be the most traditional Thai noodle dish, but it certainly ticks all the boxes to become a new family favourite. Translucent glass noodles really soak up that rich, umami-laden stir-fry sauce to create a sensational mid-week meal in minutes.

This homestyle Thai dish is fresh, fragrant and just the right level of sweetness – so much better than your takeaway version! One word of advice? Don’t use tinned pineapple! It really needs to be the real deal if you want a tip-top, tasty stir-fry.

One of those iconic Thai dishes. It’s more about the noodles than the chicken. Marion’s Kitchen Pad Thai sauce is a traditional mixture of fish sauce, tamarind, garlic chives and pickled radish that Marion is very proud of.

These stir-fry noodles are ready in a flash, making them ideal for quick and easy dinners. You’ll have food on the table in less than 15 minutes! Feel free to mix up the protein if you prefer to give it your own personal tweak.

Other chicken recipes to try


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