Get your hands on Marion’s LATEST cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

Get your hands on Marion’s LATEST cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

4 ways to spark joy with a can of tuna

The pantry essential, pimped.


The humble tin of tuna: for too long, it’s been relegated to the soggy sandwich, boring baked potato topping or meh-worthy salad. Or, in the case of students everywhere, grab a fork and it’s dinner in a can, no cooking necessary. Well, no more, I say. I’ve got four canned tuna recipes that turn the chicken of the sea into delightful dinners you’ll want on repeat. And there’s no niçoise in sight…

4 canned tuna recipes to have you reaching for the tin opener

Not had a chance to get to the supermarket? Chances are you’ve already got the ingredients you need for these dishes. 

A steamy, comforting pile of spicy fusion pasta, brought to life with your favourite pantry staples… and topped with the oozy, crumbed egg of your dreams? Guys, this dish is heaven in a bowl. Get amongst it!

This dinner comes together in a crazy-fast 10 minutes… and you’d better believe it’s packed full of flavour, too. Raid your pantry and turn tinned tuna into something truly fabulous: a vibrant salad bursting with Thai goodness.

You know how much I love fried rice recipes. So what if we made it spicy, and made it so there’s no meat prep? You’d better believe it. This canned tuna recipe is one stomach-pleasing bowl of goodness.

Unbelievably cheesy and with layers of flavour thanks to the umami-packed miso, this is my kinda pasta bake. You’ll also love my trick for squeezing in some hidden vegies, making it a slightly healthier dinner option. (Emphasis on slightly… this is a cheese-lover’s dream!)

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