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Workday lunches never tasted so good

Dial your 9-to-5 up a notch.


The year is in full swing, and many of us are back at the office and settled into our daily routines. But taming the inbox, work meetings and tackling to-do lists is hungry work. By the time midday comes around, we get that you want something satisfying to brighten up your workday. From sandwiches and salads to tasty soups and curries, these easy work lunch ideas will bring some deliciousness to your #desklife and see you through ‘til hometime.

This is one sandwich you’ll actually want to eat. Crisp[y, crumbed pork cutlet, smothered in tangy bbq sauce and smooshed between fluffy white bread…it’s better than your classic ham and cheese. No more boring office sarnies!

If you’re searching for a totally-not-sad salad to bring to work, search no more! This Vietnamese-style chicken and noodle salad is packed full of all the good stuff. Chicken, noodles, herbs, zingy dressing – it’s everything a salad should be.

This is a meatball sub but better…spicy, creamy, loaded full of pickled veg. This banh mi will have you looking forward to your lunch hour (more than you already do).

Ever wanted to have sushi… but as a sandwich? Now you can! This folded gimbap is just like sushi – but way more fun. Ideal for office lunch boxes and everyday snackage.

Whether you and your better half are both working 9-5 (what a way to make a living, am I right?) or if you’re just trying to be uber organised, this meal prep is for you. Make two different Thai green curries – salmon and broccoli or chicken and pumpkin – and satisfy all your office munching, all week long.

These spicy beef burgers are totally next level, and they’re totally portable and PERFECT to take to your day job. These will be the ultimate source of lunchtime envy amongst colleagues.

This is a superstar of a salad – tender steak, fresh herbs, a vietnamese style dressing AND loads of umami loaded crunchy toppings. A salad you’ll be thinking about all work-day long…

Crunchy, crumbed chicken, Thai basil and coconut dressing – this is caesar salad but not as you know it. This take on the classic is even better than the original.

Perfect for the warmer months, these Vietnamese cold rolls are where you can really let your creativity shine. Fill ‘em with whatever your heart desires – chicken, beef, prawn, avo and all the veggies.

Now you’re definitely not making this in the morning before work, but if meal prepping is your thing, this is a game changer. Crispy chicken, honey roasted carrots, all tied together with a miso vinaigrette… is there anything miso can’t do?

Sandwiches are THE under appreciated office lunch and this recipe is ready to knock your humble sanga out the park. It’s like lemon chicken and katsu sando had a love child…and it’s INCREDIBLE.

This Hanoi street food just got even better. Juicy pork belly, oodles of noodles, pickled papaya – it’s an office lunch icon. You can even make these in bulk and meal prep for the week ahead, huge win!

This is one of the world’s easiest salads, coming together in a couple of minutes and absolutely packed full of Vietnamese flavours. Stress-free, fresh and perfect to keep you satisfied all work-day long.

Everyone loves a sausage roll, and we’ve gone one step further by adding our fragrant Thai massaman curry paste. Flaky pastry, juicy meat, sweet and tangy dipping sauce. These are the perfect treat to cure those midday office blues.

This knockout salad might not be one of the healthiest, but it sure is one of the tastiest. That bacon! Those crumbed eggs! That dressing! Those croutons! This is one office lunch to die for.

For when you need comfort food fast – this is hearty, flavour-packed chicken soup in just 10 minutes. It’s a great way to use up leftover cooked chicken and tofu – as well as that pesky half a carrot that always seems to be in the crisper!

Tthere’s a reason banh mi is the king of the sarnies, and this recipe reigns supreme.

The perfect addition to any adult lunchbox, this take on the Japanese classic is packed full of greens and good stuff. Smothered in tonkatsu sauce and Kewpie mayo, these fritters are the perfect lunchtime treat.

This is a salad like no other. It’s salty, crunchy, tangy and chock full of chicken…you’ll be craving this better-for-you bowl every lunch break – promise!

If you’re looking for the ultimate pumpkin soup, then you’ve hit the jackpot with this one: sweet, creamy butternut that’s spiked with garlic and miso, then topped with cheese on toast. You can’t get any more comforting than this!

A grown-up cheese toastie, full of tangy kimchi, two types of cheese and grilled to perfection with a gochujang mayo. This is one grilled cheese sandwich that will change your office lunch game, forever. If ever there was a case to get an office sandwich press, this is it.

This Thai egg salad is just how Mama Noi makes it! Crispy eggs and a sweet, salty, tangy Thai dressing. Divine.

You won’t believe the crunch on this chicken – no deep frying necessary! Served on top of a fresh, vibrant salad AND with noodles? Hello, perfect midweek lunch!

You can’t go wrong with a simple but spicy flavour-packed rice bowl for a quick and easy office lunch. With super-fresh salad, steamed rice and sticky sriracha chicken, this is anything but boring.

This noodle bowl is one of our all time faves for a reason. And that reason is FULL-ON flavour.

If you’ve had pulled pork for dinner and you have bulk leftovers, the best way to use it up is for lunch the next day! This roti wrap is full of so much goodness, it’s like a cross between a gyros and a Vietnamese banh mi – does it get any more delicious?

This summery salad bowl is perfect for any occasion. Filled with umami-licious miso grilled chicken, edamame and pops of sweet cherry tomatoes, this is one more-ish salad you’ll want for lunch over and over.

This lemongrass beef noodle salad should have superstar status. Full of chewy noodles, tender beef and fresh veg, it’s an explosion of Vietnamese flavours in every bite.

There are so many different varieties of miso paste, and it’s all down to their texture, how long they’re fermented for, colour and so on. The most popular imported varieties are white (otherwise known as shiro miso) and red/brown (aka miso).

If you’ve got a microwave at your office, you can have fresh fried rice in a flash! This recipe is all about super fluffy grains, savoury goodness and convenience. Sweet pops from the peas and savoury deliciousness for the eggs, you’ll never have office lunch envy again with this one in your arsenal!

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