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The best steak recipes to beef up your steak night

Meat and greet the dinners that are a cut above the rest.

Best Steak Recipes

There’s something about a juicy steak I just can’t resist. When perfectly cooked – tender on the inside and with a salty crust – they truly are a thing of beauty. So let’s embrace your inner carnivore, grab that pan and gear up for the best steak recipes to make your next steak night truly sing.

Easy steak recipes to beef up your dinner

Pepper steak with garlic-miso butter

This steak recipe is an absolute knockout. There’s beef that’s seared to perfection with a peppery, caramelised crust, then basted with a savoury, umami-packed garlic-miso butter. One heck of a steak dinner, trust.

Grilled Hoisin Steak & Creamy Coconut Carrot

Creamy coconut carrot mash is the perfect accompaniment to tender marinated steak in an Asian-style sauce. The beef can be grilled or cooked on the barbecue for an awesomely easy weekend meal.

Steak & Creamy Miso Mushroom Sauce

How to make steak night even better? Add this epic mushroom sauce. So good, there’ll be zero regrets… promise!

Crying Tiger Buttered Steak

Butter up! Crying tiger beef just got way better, thanks to some divine dairy intervention. Keep this bad boy in the freezer for your next easy steak dinner.

Sichuan and Shiitake Beef Wellington

Does anything impress guests more than a beef wellington? Now THIS is the king of steak recipes. With a perfectly tender, almost-fall-apart centre and a pretty-as-anything lattice pastry top, it truly is a stunner. Save this one for a special occasion and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Thai Pepper & Garlic Steak Dinner

Juicy, tender beef marinated to perfection, with flavour-packed potatoes and roasted capsicum on the side. Super easy, super tasty – this is perfect weekend fare or for when you have mates over. Marinate overnight for even more wow factor.

Ultimate Pepper Steak Marinade

This spicy, peppery marinade will make friends with any cut of steak you prefer… and it’s so good that it doubles up as a finishing sauce, too. It really does bring an awesome Asian twist to your next steak night or barbecue. If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for beefy goodness, you can skip the overnight marinating.

Roast Beef ‘Tataki’ & Miso Pumpkin Salad

My version of Japanese tataki sees melt-in-the-mouth tender beef fillet in a beautiful, umami-rich marinade. Served with a fresh and fabulous salad, and you’ve got the steak recipes of champions, all set to impress your loved ones.

Quick Honey Soy Garlic Steak

It’s fast… and furiously good. This quickfire steak dinner is so incredibly satisfying – especially because it’s all cooked in the one pan!

Teriyaki Steak Rice Bowl

Ready to mix up steak night? You’ll bowl over your loved ones with this steak recipe. Juicy strips of teriyaki beef, tender rice, charred veggies, a soft egg and some seriously good sprinkles… this one’s a bowl of pure happiness.

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