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30 of the BEST spring recipes

Spring has sprung! Your guide to using seasonal produce.

Best Spring Recipes

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and some of my favourite produce is finally back in season. Wave goodbye to the winter soups, stews and slow-cooks and say hello to brand new spring recipes! It’s time to enjoy fresh salads, busting out the barbecue and sharing meals with family and friends. 


Pack away the winter woolies and the hearty winter warmers and start filling up your fruit bowl with all the fresh delicious-ness on supermarket shelves right now. This recipe round-up will hopefully inspire and excite… 

This Vietnamese beef salad has all the signifiers of an EPIC spring feast. This isn’t a side salad, it’s the star of the show. Packed full of seasonal cucumbers, snow peas and fresh mint, this salad is the perfect combo of fresh, crunchy, umami goodness.

If there’s one veggie that steals the show this season, it’s beetroot: so vibrant, so delicious, so versatile. Yep, these beetroot smash burgers aren’t your run-of- the-mill veggie burger! Packed full of beetroot, lentils and garam masala, these beautiful burgs are ready to be sandwiched in between a toasted bun and served with all your fave toppings.

Now I know slow cooking is more a cooler-weather thing, but we have to make an exception for this recipe. Get set for sweet and sour pork that’s fall apart tender, rich and sweet paired with a fresh tart pineapple slaw. Pineapple is at its BEST in the spring, completely levelling up this recipe to a vibrant and unique must-try.

Guess which springtime regular is back on the scene? IT’S CORN! This spicy, buttery, salty goodness is perfect for the next time you’re hosting a backyard barbecue once the weather heats up. This is the perfect veggie side dish that’s so easy to just chuck on the grill. 

If spring were a dish, it would be this potato salad. Peas are having a moment and are at their sweet best, taking this potato salad to new heights. Paired with a vibrant and tangy lime and coconut dressing, this side is ready to be the next star attraction at your new-season rendezvous.

To me, spring is handheld food – basically anything you can pick up and enjoy in the yard with your mates. Once you’ve made your bao from scratch, it will rock your world forever. Add some Korean-inspired fried chicken, and you have even more of a gamechanger on your hands.

This is the perfect weeknight meal if you’re looking for something to share with those you love most. Crunchy, crispy and ridiculously cheesy, this spring recipe is so darn easy to make and is both light and comforting at the same time. Play around with the ingredients too to mix things up even more – try beef mince, chickpeas, tofu, beans… anything your heart desires.

This one is my take on one of my all-time favorites, and even better, it utilises LOADS of the seasonal veg available in spring! Avocado, cucumber and snow pea sprouts all accompany tempura-battered prawns to make this dragon sushi one of the most delicious (and the most cute) spring recipes.

Who said tacos had to be saved for Tuesdays? These unreal crispy fried fish tacos are chock full of springtime veg making them the perfect addition to your dining table, any day of the week. Cabbage, lime and avocado bring the crunch, tang and creaminess for a knockout dinner the whole family will love. 

This Indonesian dish is the perfect meal to enjoy with loved ones. It has SO MUCH spring goodness, with cucumbers, cabbage, spinach, potatoes and green beans served alongside tender chicken skewers. Plus that peanut sauce… heaven! Serve this one family style and get ready to reap the rewards of seasonal springtime produce with this salad.

Seasonal pineapples, seasonal herbs and all done in under 30 minutes, this one is a keeper for spring and beyond. It only takes 25 minutes to rustle up this gourmet poached salmon meal, thanks to Marion’s Kitchen Thai Red Curry Kit. The delicious pineapple salad on the side is super simple and adds a cooling sweet and sour note to the spicy curry fish.

Cauliflower is finally back in season… all those in favour say aye! With a creamy interior and crunchy outer, oven-roasted cauliflower is the perfect vessel for a dressing of champions: in this case, my miso and sesame vinaigrette. Gnarly, salty bacon boosts the savoury factor. Spring salad doesn’t get much better, if you ask me!

Fresh and fragrant mango brings a burst of sunshine to perfectly charred prawn skewers – this dish screams springtime barbecue! A double dose of marinade locks in even more flavour to your seafood, while fresh herbs round everything off perfectly.

Everyone’s fave funghi is back in season. What better way to use up some mushies than with this cheesy, creamy, mushroom pizza recipe. With a homemade dough and decadent and delish toppings, this isn’t just any vegetarian pizza.

Perfect for spring, this fresh and crunchy mango salad makes best friends with charred chicken skewers. And while my marinade may look simple, believe me – it really does add heaps of Thai flavour to the meat.

Want to impress your next barbecue guests? This is THE ONE! This grilled chicken burger-style wonder is packed with spicy, tom sum ‘slaw, crisp lettuce and fresh tomato. You’ll want to get your hands round one of these bad boys, quicksmart!

Fragrant Thai green curry chicken skewers couldn’t be easier, using Marion’s Kitchen Thai Green Curry kit as a tasty marinade. Serve with a fresh cucumber, shallots, bamboo shoots and chili salsa. Grill the skewers on a barbecue for a great weekend lunch this spring season.

Whoever said veggies were boring? This Chinese-inspired garlic broccoli is far from it – it’s packed with savoury goodness. With springtime being THE season for Asian greens, there’s no better time to try these flavour-packed veggies.

Bring the flavours of Vietnam to the table this spring with this quick and easy noodle salad. This dish really shines the spotlight on lemongrass and garlic. Fresh, zingy and satisfying, it’s the perfect light weeknight meal for those warmer days.

Another cauli salad that is anything but boring! If you’re on the lookout on ways to psych up your run-of-the-mill roast veggies, this vego take on Thai Laab Salad is for you. Tangy, spicy, fresh and fragrant, forget everything you thought you knew about ways to eat the humble cauliflower.

Another unbelievable springtime salad, it’s light, it’s tangy, it’s everything you could want in a salad AND more. Mint and sweet potato are both at their best during spring, so be sure to take advantage of the extra added goodness that is in-season produce.

To me spring is all about light, fresh meals, and this Thai salad is all that (and then some). It’s the perfect balance of melt-in-the-mouth seared steak, gorgeous herby goodness and crunch.

Spring is the season for flavour fireworks, and this salad is bursting at the seams with good stuff! Tangy dressing, fragrant herbs, the crispiest salmon ever, and delicious crunchy toppings. My, my, my – this a Vietnamese noodle salad you’re going to go wild for.

This take on som tum Thai salad heroes sweetcorn, and it’s a fantastic accompaniment to your barbecued meats – especially come warmer weather! The chillies do pack a punch, so feel free to dial it down and use a bit less if you’re not a massive spice-lover.

If you’re dreading the salad onslaught that is spring, fear not! This pepper chicken noodle bowl never fails to put a smile on my face. It’s just full-on flavour with every mouthful. This definitely isn’t a sad salad!

Tacos with a Thai twist, made simple with Marion’s Kitchen Thai Green Curry kit. Soft tortillas topped with tomato salsa and avocado are the perfect weekend lunch, easy to serve and eat at a spring barbecue or picnic in the park.

Grilling a whole fish on your barbecue might seem intimidating, but I’m here to show you it’s actually really straightforward – and really impressive, too! Spend this spring learning a new skill and impressing your family and friends with this handy dandy guide.

Carrots are really great all year round – but spring is truly their time to shine! These baby Dutch carrots are a roasted wonder. Cooked in a delicious caramel until sticky, sweet and tender, they’re then drizzled in tangy dressing, before a smattering of fresh chilli and crunchy peanuts finish it off. Vegetables never tasted so good!

Up your skewer game with these barbecued bad boys. Using my teriyaki marinade, these salmon and leek skewers are everything I love about spring! Easy, fast, delicious and with minimal plate cleanup, these are a real winner.

If you’re looking to add to your salad repertoire, look no further. This one is full of juicy prawns, sweet pops of fresh pineapple, bouncy noodles and spicy hits of chilli. Ideal for your next barbecue, I reckon!

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