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Picnic recipes for the alfresco season

Bust out the blanket – let’s picnic.

Vietnamese-style Cold Rolls

The sun is shining, you’ve scoured your location and finally fished down your basket from that top-of-the-cabinet purgatory it’s been confined to during the colder months. But there’s one thing missing in your picnic party planning – what perfect picnic recipes will you choose to accompany you and your loved ones? Sandwiches, salads, snacks and even desserts for the sweet tooth – the picnic of your dreams is right around the corner… 


Wave goodbye to supermarket chips and dips, soggy ham and cheese sarnies or sweaty wheels of brie. We’ve got all the best handheld heroes to have you picnicking like a pro – you won’t even need to bring utensils! 

Everything you could ever want in a sandwich and more! Crispy, crumbed pork, slathered in tangy barbeque sauce and smooshed in between super soft white bread. This Japaneseinspired delight isn’t your average sarnie and would make an unreal picnic companion.

The ‘ol faithful chocolate and peanut butter combo got even better with the addition of miso and seasalt. They’re chunky, chocolatey and a teeny bit salty.

It’s a steak sandwich but better. Tender beef, crusty bread, veggie pickle… all the key components for the ultimate picnic sandwich. 

The perfect picnic snack if you’re in a time crunch. These egg cups are all the best bits of a breakfast sandwich (minus the bread) and they’re ready in just 20 minutes. Take these on your next brunch picnic extravaganza and prepare to eat more than just one.

Pork patties, toasted buns, pickled veg and spicy sriracha mayo – this is the ultimate picnic treat. Assemble beforehand, or try to snag a picnic area with a barbecue if you want them extra fresh. 

These little babies are so delicious you’re going to want to have them stocked in your freezer all year round – they’re not just for picnics!

These spicy beef burgers are in a league of their own. Sichuan peppercorn and cumin beef patties, carmelised onion and capsicum, smooshed in a soft, pillowy pita and smothered in garlic yogurt. 

Deep. Fried. Veggies. Need I say more? Use up those veggies rattling about in your crisper and turn them into this epic picnic snack. Lightly spiced, super crispy and served with a fresh and herby green chutney, prepare to fall in love with veggies again at your picnic.

If sushi and sandwiches had a love child – this would be it. Super fun, super easy and super transportable – these folded gimbaps are the ultimate picnic food. We’ve gone with a super simple, budget-friendly filling but you can fill these bad boys with whatever you fancy.

Bread and cheese is a match made in heaven. This cheesy, sesame pull apart bread is the ultimate loaf to spice up your picnic table. Filled with a cheesy, onion-y filling and baked until golden brown – it’s a weekend bake but I promise it’s a keeper.

Grab your best tupperware and prepare to be blown away by this totally-delicious-actually-not-sad salad. This Indonesianinspired dish is best served family-style so it’s super easy to throw together in a pinch. Take your ingredients and your best picnic plates and prepare to dish up the fresh, chicken-y, peanut-y salad of your dreams.

Handheld food is perfect for picnics – no one wants to faff around with remembering utensils. These satay chicken wraps are chock full of all the good stuff, including satay sauce, charred chicken, crispy veg and fresh herbs.

Melt-in-your-mouth homemade pastry chock full of  curried veggies. These are real people pleasers. Prepare to be handing out this recipe left, right and centre at your next picnic party.

Veggies had a serious glow up with the addition of tangy kimchi. These vegetable pancakes are super quick, full of flavour and easy peasy to make. Whip these up in a flash if you’re planning a picnic in a pinch.

This salad is the golden child of salads. Bacon, crumbed eggs, croutons, creamy caesar dressing – it’s a truly knockout salad. Turns out you CAN make friends with salad, especially if it’s this one.

It’s a hot dog – but not as you know it. These spicy hot dog bao’s are everything hot dogs wish they were! Fresh slaw and statement spicy condiments all sandwiched in a soft and fluffy bao bun. An American classic with an Asian twist, you’d be barking mad to miss out on these.

It just doesn’t get better than an epic sandwich with crispy bread, and this Asian Shrimp Po’Boy is no exception. Think: crispy lettuce, fresh herbs, spicy sauce, tangy pickles and the star of the show… beer-battered deep fried shrimp. YUM!

Bye bye boring BLT’s and hello to the ultimate sandwich. This take on a stock standard BLT sees crispy, sweet chilli coated bacon, extra toasty bread, fresh veggies and cheese (of course). Perfectly seasoned and ultra delicious – lunchtime picnics never looked so good.

These Vietnamese-style cold rolls taste even better than they look! Perfect for a summer picnic, choose your own adventure with your fillings. Think spicy prawns, egg omelette, roast chook and a load of fresh veg and edible flowers. Finished off with a spicy peanut dipping sauce and you’re all set. Fun to make and even better to eat!

Few people can resist a good sausage roll. Crispy, golden pastry filled with curry-fied massaman chicken mince. Dunk these crispy, curry, chicken-y delights in our signature sweet chilli relish. Picnic sorted.

Thai pork meatballs dunked in sweet chilli sauce, these are super quick and super tasty. Perfect in lunchboxes and great hot or cold.

The humble sanga just got better. This crispy lemon chicken sandwich is stacked high with crispy crumbed chicken, thinly sliced cabbage, kewpie mayo and of course a citrusy-sweet lemon sauce.

These Thai corn fritters are loaded up with all the good stuff. Sweetness from the corn, spice from the red curry paste and umami from the fish sauce. These are perfect for every picnic, no matter the occasion. 

Kimchi meets cheese meets flaky pastry – these party puffs are the ultimate combo of all my fave ingredients. Make them ahead of time and chuck in the oven on the day of your picnic for a delish and time saving treat, huge bonus!

This baked slice really is the bomb (and its not just because it only uses one bowl!). Tart and citrusy yuzu, smooth vanilla and super sweet pastry. This is a knockout slice if you’re wanting an iconic dessert that can feed the masses and taste great doing it!

This Vietnamese chicken noodle salad is super simple and super fresh if you’re venturing out for a picnic on a summer’s day. Chicken, noodles, fresh veg and zingy herbs – it’s everything you’ve always wanted your salads to be.

Potato salad just got better. We’ve added pops of apple crunchy cabbage and of course creamy potatoes to make this potato salad really pop. The Korean chilli flakes in the salad dressing really make the whole thing POP! The perfect salad if you’re craving something filling and fresh for your picnic.

Now THIS is a sandwich! Ultra crunchy baguettes stuffed with lemongrass pork, fresh lettuce and coconut sriracha sauce for that added spice kick. Perfect for a picnic, it’ll be love at first bite!

An Aussie icon! This meat pie is deliciously bite-sized and full of a tender beef and umami laden filing, all wrapped up[ in crispy, golden pastry. Don’t forget the tomato sauce!

If you close your eyes, these chicken lettuce cups are ALMOST a salad. Fresh and vibrant veggies with coconut turmeric marinated chicken, these lettuce cups are too good to miss. Easy as to bring on your picnic adventure – load up your tupperware and make your own lettuce cups filled with all the good stuff when you’ve found prime position. 

Loaded with lemongrass pork meatballs, pickled carrot and smothered with coconut sriracha and Kewpie mayo, this is an insanely good sandwich.

Gochujang gives these beef skewers their Korean twist, and they’re so much better for it! These tender beef skewers are mouth wateringly good.

Wrap your hands around this absolute masterpiece of a sandwich. This burger-style Thai grilled chicken sarnie is full of all the things people! Spicy tom sum slaw, crispy lettuce and fresh tomatoes, it’s the ultimate addition to a summertime picnic.

These chargrilled chicken wraps are out of this world good! Spicy, salty, citrus-y… pair these with a bucketload of fresh salad and a warm tortilla flatbread and you’ve got the only picnic recipe you’ll ever need.

These mini sausage rolls are the ultimate bite sized snack. Bursting with Thai flavours these little beauties are even better dipped into a sweet chilli sauce. Sit back, relax and watch these guys fly off your picnic table!

Get ready for spicy, savoury, Asian goodness with these epic picnic party appetisers. They’re the perfect devilled eggs… with a twist of ramen flavours! So good, you’ll want a  platter all to yourself.

Sweet, sticky, juicy beef, paired with crunchy fried shallots and spicy jalapenos. The Asian barbecue sauce is the secret to the melt-in-your-mouth beef, and it doubles as the burger sauce. This is what your picnics have been missing!

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