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Get your hands on Marion’s LATEST cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

The best Indian recipes we know how to make

Vibrant, flavour-packed and smile-inducing Indian recipes you'll want on repeat.

Classic Butter Chicken

It’s been a long week. Your boss has sent your eye twitch into overdrive, your stomach is empty and your appetite is making itself well and truly known. Make dinner… or takeout? These best Indian recipes from Marion Grasby’s cooking archive will let you enjoy the best of both worlds. Yep, we’ve got your Friday night Indian takeaway cravings sorted with this collection of restaurant-style classics, from curries and appetisers to sides and more. 


Alter the spice levels, change up the ingredients – these homemade dishes are going to be SO much better than takeout. Guaranteed.

This vegetarian curry is all the things – creamy, cheesy and SO good. This spinach and cheese classic is a must-try when you’re making your Indian feast at home. Even the paneer is made from scratch. An Indian recipe that’s set to impress!

The best way to eat your vegetables (and love them). These lightly spiced, crispy vegetable pakoras are the ultimate way to get rid of all your nearly limp, bottom-of-the-crisper veggies. Dunk them in the herby green chutney for the ultimate bite.

A restaurant classic that we think typically disappoints when made at home BUT this homemade version does it right. And it’s one of our best Indian recipes according to you guys, so we must be doing something right! Think: chargrilled chicken, a rich, creamy tang from Greek yoghurt, and a smoky, tomatoey base. So creamy, so good and done in 30 minutes – that’s faster than delivery!

If you’ve got mince and potatoes, you’ve got dinner. This aloo keema and cumin rice is full of flavour. Loads of Indian spices, tender creamy potatoes and fragrant rice all add to this ultra easy, flavour-packed dish. Super simple, but without any sacrifice on taste – perfect!

Mashed potato in a toasted sandwich? Heck yeah. There’s spice in there too, plus curry leaves, vegetables, a perky green chutney and even melty cheese. Based on Mumbai’s most famous street snack, this is one hefty sambo. In our house, we call this ‘dinner’.

One of our best Indian recipes, this one is layered with flavour and spices. Yep, if you love curry, then this Indian recipe boasts tender, fall-apart beef and a savoury gravy sauce. It really has to be tried to be believed. And it’s all conveniently made in a rice cooker! Bulk it out by serving it with a side of naan bread or steamed rice.

A side dish that deserves main meal status. Indian-spiced Bombay sweet potatoes – for when you really, really want a plate of taters for dinner but your better judgement stops you. These are hearty, delicious and PACKED with flavour. Feel-good veggies that you’ll crave again and again.

We love it when dinner comes together in one pan! This traybake recipe gets you achieving the most with the least effort. Enjoy less chopping, less washing up and WAY less time. Indian-inspired flavours make this one a real winner – serve it up with my recipe for Bombay Sweet Potatoes for extra goodness.

Typically, this dish uses last night’s rice and turns it into magical breakfast fare. The potatoes and peanuts? Creamy and crunchy – what a combo! This will be your new fave fried rice – trust me!

The much-loved Greek souvlaki has had an Indian-spiced makeover. You’ve got an absolute cracker of a marinade, fresh salad, zingy pickles and herby sauce. This one’s an eat-with-your-hands dinner the whole fam can get behind.

This fuss-free traybake dinner option is a vibrant celebration of Indian spices, plus its keto friendly and low carb. Chuck it in the oven, and let it work its magic while you tackle everything else on your to-do list!

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