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The 25 best fried rice recipes to make your heart skip a beat

However you take your fried rice, we’re here for it.


It’s one of our favourite things in the world… fried rice. Comforting and satisfying, there’s nothing quite like it to bring on the feel-good vibes. Which leads us to this: our collection of the very best fried rice recipes to work your way through, one bowl at a time. Fire up your wok: let’s do this…

25 best fried rice recipes

How to Cook Chinese Fried Rice

This classic Chinese restaurant style fried rice is one of our most-popular Marion’s Kitchen recipes – make it to find out why! The secret is all in the prep: use precooked rice for the best results, while leftover char siu pork is the perfect flavour burst.

Garlic Butter Fried Rice

Garlic, butter, eggs… and cheese? Yep, you heard us – it’s an unusual addition to a fried rice recipe, but boy does it taste good!

Salt & Pepper Prawn Fried Rice

A true love story: fried rice, getting up close with fragrant, peppery prawns. 

Superfood fried rice

Feeling in need of some greens? This healthier fried rice is packed full of lean protein, green vegetables and grains. And it’s as delicious as it is virtuous!

pineapple fried rice

This Thai street food specialty with its pineapple bowl always reminds Marion of beach holidays. Making the bowl is fiddly but fun, then pile in the stir-fried bacon, prawns, cashews, egg and rice and top with fresh coriander.

Thai Crab Fried Rice

Chilli fish sauce (prik nam pla) is the perfect accompaniment for this delicious and easy fried rice with delicate crab meat. Using precooked rice is best, and means that you can have this meal on the table in less than 20 minutes.

Thai Red Curry Fried Rice

This fried rice is full of spicy, Thai red curry flavours – what a perfect pairing! And, because it makes use of my Marion’s Kitchen curry kit, it takes mere minutes to cook come dinnertime. Perfect for when you’re in a hurry during those busy weeknights.

Chicken & Carrot Confetti Fried Rice

This kid-friendly fried rice is a big hit with littlies and gown-ups alike – it’s packed full of veggies, has zero spice (although you can add yours after you serve the little ones!) and has fun egg ‘noodles’ on top. Both the young and the young-at-heart will love this total crowd-pleaser.

Spicy Chicken & Basil Fried Rice

This spicy fried rice is full-on fiery, guys! It’s a combination of that gorgeous Thai stir-fry pad ga prao paired with delicious savoury rice… and it totally packs a hot punch! Ease up on the chillies if needed to suit (and save) your tastebuds.

Japanese Garlic Fried Rice

The secret ingredient makes this Japanese fried rice unlike anything else we’ve ever done… but boy, is it good! Buttery, garlicky, egg accents and that little something extra add up to a great-tasting, standout rice dish. One of our best fried rice recipes, for sure!

Old-school recipes are classic for a reason: they’re delicious! This fried rice is traditional but full-on tasty, and is also ideal when you’re on a budget.

XO Sauce Fried Rice

If there was a luxe, gold standard of fried rice, then this recipe is it: a bit more time involved, but a heck of a lot of flavour. Bring it on, we say.

Mix up your fried rice options with this spicy Korean-inspired version – it’s a goodie! Veggies, egg, beef and more all make friends in this winning savoury dish. 

Thai Green Curry Fried Rice

We took two of our favourite dishes, thai green curry and fried rice, and made it into one amazing dinner! And it’s all done in one pan, meaning less washing up afterwards.

Beef Nasi Goreng

This famous Indonesian fried rice is bursting with umami goodness, and the addition of beef mince keeps the prep and cook time to a minimum. Ideal for weeknights, this sweet and savoury stir-fried dish is quick and simple to make. You could even top it with a fried egg for even more authentic deliciousness! 

Garlic Pork Fried Rice

This easy fried rice recipe is a bit of an obsession of ours… it’s garlicky, porky and features one ingredient you might not be expecting…

Tom Yum Fried Rice

The classic flavours of Thai tom yum soup get a fried rice makeover. It’s so incredibly fragrant and has just the right level of spice to make your tastebuds sing.

Spicy Tuna Fried Rice

Canned tuna doesn’t just have to be destined for soggy salads or bland sandwiches. Here’s how to turn this humble pantry staple into a spicy, stomach-pleasing bowl of ultimate fried rice.

Thai Chilli & Basil Fried Rice

Love fried rice? Love spicy food? Then you are going to seriously love this hot, hot, hot rice dish, which borrows its flavour from the much-loved Thai basil and chilli stir-fry. Yes it’s fiery, but trust: it’s also fabulous.

American Fried Rice

This variation of fried rice is hugely popular in Thailand… kids love it! With crispy chicken tenders and cute frankfurters on the side, it’s a plate of pure retro fun, but still tastes utterly delicious. Try it for your littlies today!

Chinese Sausage & Egg Fried Rice

Salty, eggy, and porky – this is the fried rice that dreams are made of. Everyone has a favourite childhood dish that is comforting, warming and nourishing, and this is one of Marion’s. It only takes 10 minutes to cook and is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.   

Healthyish Fried Rice

This dish boasts lots of veg, healthy Omega-3 fats from salmon, and wholegrain rice. This is better-for-you fried rice that still delivers on epic flavours. 

Kimchi Fried Rice

Spicy, Korean-style fried rice, cooked with kimchi, bacon and butter… this dish is all the things! The fried egg is the most epic of toppings too – ditch it at your peril. My top tip? Day-old rice will give you the dryness you need for perfect, separated grains.

Thai Pork Fried Rice

This one is a real family favourite: Mama Noi’s pork fried rice that’s ready in a flash, making it perfect for those hectic worknights. Little jewels of tomato bring sweetness to the dish, while we can’t get enough of that spicy sauce on the side for dipping the pork. Heaven. 

Indonesian Nasi Goreng

This version of Indonesian fried rice is a fantastic way to use up your leftovers after a big roast and gives day-old rice a whole new lease of life. And that crispy fried egg? Non-negotiable! 

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