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The best Christmas recipes for a tree-mendous celebration

From holiday ham recipes and side dishes to roast pork and desserts, here’s our pick of easy recipes for Christmas and beyond.

Best Christmas recipes

If you’re looking for easy recipes this Christmas to wow your loved ones this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. Expect all the classic dishes (ham! sprouts! turkey!), but in true Marion style, I’ve given them an Asian twist. Here’s a round-up of all my best Christmas recipes that are perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Easy appetisers for Christmas

Got loved ones round yours this year or need to bring a plate to a relative’s place? These are some of my favourite flavour-packed, totally moreish but simple Christmas appetisers, which also double up as great party options. 

Barbecued King Prawns with Lemongrass Butter

Charry prawns on the barbecue… there’s not much better in my book come Christmas time. Not only are these sweet and succulent ones dressed to impress, but they taste equally as epic. Served with a knockout nuoc cham, you can’t get more people-pleasing than my Barbecued King Prawns with Lemongrass Butter. Napkins at the ready.

Garlic Pork Toasts

These Thai pork toasts are little bites of heaven. The best part? They’re a wonderful make ahead dish – spread the pork paste on to your toast rounds, then freeze them until the hordes descend. It makes for a bit less stress on Christmas Day!

Crispy Thai Laab Meatballs

If you thought meatballs were always bland and tasteless, think again. These gorgeous bites are Thailand’s version of a spicy meatball – crunchy and gnarly on the outside, and jam-packed with freshness and flavour on the inside. Light, fresh and the perfect way to get the party started. 

Traditional Thai Spring Rolls

It wouldn’t be a proper spread without the humble spring roll. Here’s a traditional spring roll recipe, with a pork and vegetable filling. Delicious served with a selection of sauces on the side (sweet chilli or sriracha? You do you!), or a homemade nahm jim sauce

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Christmas mains

From crispy roast pork with crackling and traditional Christmas turkey to glazed hams and stunning salmon, here are the Christmas main courses Yule be craving this year. 

Best Christmas recipes

If all you want for Christmas is the ultimate crispy pork crackling, then you’re in luck! This crispy porchetta has a centre of juicy pork and a vibrant, flavour-packed Thai-style pesto. It truly is a showstopper of a roast. You could serve this with a fresh Asian ‘slaw or my next-level Smoked Chicken & Shiitake Stuffing.

Sticky Chilli Ginger Ham

No festive spread is complete without a Christmas ham, I reckon. Not only will it feed the fam on the day itself, but if you’re wondering how to use leftover ham, then it’s ideal in dishes like fried rice, omelettes, sandwiches and more after the big day wraps up. In a sea of Christmas recipes for ham, this one boasts a Sticky Chilli Ginger glaze everyone will love. 

5-spice & Orange Turkey Roll

It wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t a roast turkey recipe in this list! My version is fuss-free, with no legs or wings to fight over with the family: just juicy, succulent meat and an epic spring onion filling. It might not be the most traditional turkey, but it certainly is one of the tastiest. A meat thermometer will help you achieve that perfect internal temperature so you don’t serve up dry turkey – definitely enough to put you on Santa’s naughty list! 

Honey Soy Butterflied Chicken

Not a turkey kinda person? Then try this chicken. With a charry skin and an epic marinade infusing into the meat, this is one dish to savour… and the fact it’s butterflied makes it so simple to cook on the barbecue. Yep, my Honey Soy Butterflied Chicken is a true treasure of a recipe. 

Honey Glazed Tea-smoked Salmon

Nothing impresses quite like a side of smoked salmon as a Christmas main dish. You don’t need any specialist smoking equipment for my salmon recipe, and it’s great served up whole on a platter so everyone can help themselves. Definitely a good option if you’re looking for Christmas seafood recipes

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My Five Spice Cherry Gravy tastes divine with roast pork, chicken and turkey, so be sure to rustle up a vat of the stuff, as everyone will want extra. What’s more, it keeps in the fridge for up to two days, so it’s a great make ahead recipe for Christmas. Alternatively, make it on the day so you’ve got plenty to go with all those Christmas leftovers!

Christmas sides

These simple Christmas side dishes recipes are the perfect accompaniment to your roasted centrepiece. Vegetables, salads, stuffing and potatoes… there’s something for everyone this holiday season.

Say farewell to soggy, bland Christmas stuffing – this one is crispy, delicious and full of flavour! Bursting to the brim with smoked chicken, water chestnuts, Chinese sausage and shiitake mushrooms (a great pantry essential to have in your cupboard), it’s ideal served with roast pork, turkey or chicken. And you can even make it the day before to cut down on your cooking workload on the big day.

Epic Korean Potato Salad

Bring some freshness to the festivities with this stunner of a salad. Pops of apple, creamy potatoes and crunchy cabbage bring the party to the tastebuds… and everyone’s invited! The Korean chilli flakes in the dressing are next-level, too. Dive in to my Epic Korean Potato Salad, my friends.

Cheesy Gochujang Hasselback Potatoes

If this roast potatoes recipe doesn’t appeal, I’m not sure what will. Cheesy, spicy, garlicky and all-around epic, these are not your average Christmas side but who cares when they taste this good.

Potato, Pea & Mint Salad with Lime Coconut Dressing

If you’re in a part of the world where you have a sunny festive season, you can’t go wrong with a fresh and easy Christmas salad. I love the pops of mint, crunchy radish and sweet peas that make up this one. Need a noodle fix? This Sticky Honey Prawn Noodle Salad is also a winner in my household.

Sweet Chilli Bacon Brussel Sprouts

These charred, umami-packed roasted sprouts are the absolute antithesis of soggy boiled greens! Bring Brussels back into the spotlight with this ultimate Christmas vegetable recipe.

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Christmas desserts

End things on a sweet note with these epic desserts for Christmas – rich, smooth and oh-so good. Go on… treat yo’elf!

Aussie Mango & Coconut Pavlova

If ever there was a quintessential Australian dessert, it would be the pavlova. Crispy meringue with a fluffy marshmallow centre, topped with sumptuous cream and tropical mango for pops of fresh fruit. This one is light as a cloud… and just as dreamy.

Black Forest Ice cream Sandwiches

Oozy, chewy, sticky and totally moreish… these Black Forest Ice cream Sandwiches are the dessert of dreams. They look super impressive, but are so easy to make thanks to using store-bought ingredients. Because, let’s be honest, I’d rather spend the time eating them than making them! Ideal for your celebrations (or those ‘just because’ occasions). 

Is it a dessert… or is it just something to have on the table and attack as you drink some festive cocktails? Either way, it’s a total stunner. My Candied Ginger and Cherry Christmas Wreath looks every inch the part: a homemade bread glazed with a cherry and ginger jam to bring on all the festive feels. And while it may look intricate, it’s surprisingly easier than you think to create. Sweet, fruity and with the perfect hum of Christmas spices, it’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost…

Chai-spiced White Chocolate Cheesecake

This white chocolate cheesecake is a total showstopper. Piled high with fresh, tart berries and with a delicate chai-spiced flavour, it’s a must-have Christmas dessert. Second helpings? It would be Rudolph not to.

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Star Anise & Ginger Tart Tatin

Mango and Coconut Xmas Trifle

I hope this round-up of simple recipes for Christmas has inspired you this year. Season’s eatings to you all!

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