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Get your hands on Marion’s NEW cookbook, Just As Delicious. Order Now

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10 Asian sauces you need to make at least once in your lifetime

Let’s get saucy, my friends.

Best Asian Sauces Homemade

How to make an awesome dish even better? Add a killer sauce. Yes, my friends, condiments maketh the dish. After all, what would chicken satay be without peanut sauce? And where would Vietnamese salads be without nuoc cham dressing? In a sad and lonely place, that’s where. So read on, as I share my favourite ever recipes for some knockout Asian sauces. 

This much loved condiment is ideal for dipping and drizzling. Making your own sweet chilli sauce means you can tailor the heat to your own preferences. Use more or less hot birdseye chillies and remove the seeds or leave them in if you like it hot. Keep in an airtight jar in the fridge for up to three weeks – if you can make it last that long.

Mama Noi is the mastermind behind this recipe for one of the most delicious Asian sauces out there (biased? Me?). You can make it in minutes and use it as a dipping sauce for hot or cold seafood. With its fresh red chilli and bright green coriander, it looks great on a dining table for when you’re entertaining, too.

Black bean stir-fries are packed full of umami goodness, but some store-bought versions of the sauce can be full of hidden nasties. Recreate your takeaway favourites at home with this homemade sauce that heroes clean, honest ingredients.

So tasty, I’ve written a whole article dedicated to how to make plum sauce from scratch! It’s the perfect companion to spring rolls, fried chicken, wontons… just about anything really! The best part? It only takes 15 minutes to rustle up a batch.

I’m all for convenience, but when I’ve got time to spare and fancy getting down to it in my kitchen, nothing beats homemade. Here’s my ultimate recipe for a rustic, made-with-love spicy sriracha sauce.

If you can’t get hold of my bottled Marion’s Kitchen Classic Japanese Teriyaki marinade, never fear – here’s the very same recipe I use to make it from scratch. No nasties, just pure, honest ingredients.

This version of Mama Noi’s nahm jim sauce is a vibrant green thanks to the green chillies and coriander. There’s plenty of lime juice, so it goes well with any hot or cold seafood, such as grilled stuffed squid. Totally delicious and worth making.

Could this be the king of Asian sauces? This must be condiment you can’t live without: XO sauce is where it’s at, my friends! The ultimate companion to anything and everything you make, from eggs and fried rice to soups and noodles.

Satay sauce for me is the perfect blend of peanutty, sweet and mildly spicy flavours. Drizzled on dumplings (yep, chicken satay dumplings are a thing!) or on the side ready to dip skewers of perfectly charred meat into or mixed with coconut cream to make a silky salad dressing, it’s both delicious and comforting.

It’s the Vietnamese staple you can’t live without: nuoc cham. This thrilling combination of fish sauce, garlic, sugar, chilli and lime juice is a perfectly balanced dipping sauce or dressing and elevates everything it touches.

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