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These 5 ingredient recipes will blow you away

And some of them use even less.

Best 5 ingredients or less recipes

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to create something extraordinary. I’m talking ingredients, of course, and how you can make dishes and meals that taste amazing without heaps of chopping, endless steps or an extensive line-up of sauces to add. True story! It’s why I’ve pulled together this round-up to show you exactly what I mean – my favourite 5 ingredient recipes (or sometimes 4 ingredient recipes… or less!). From no-churn ice cream and savoury rice to vegie side dishes and sticky ribs, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

5 ingredient recipes… or less?

Just a little disclaimer before we begin so you don’t think I’m cheating: I’m assuming that most people will have the staples of salt, pepper and vegetable in their kitchens, so I haven’t included those in my ingredients tally. Ok, with that little nugget of disclosure out the way, let’s go. Friends far and wide, I give you my list of the best dishes made with no more than five ingredients.

Crispy pork belly – it’s a joyous thing. This air fryer recipe means Cantonese restaurant-style pork (with lots of crunchy crackling!) is made with ease and convenience. It’s perfect served with steamed or fried rice, Asian greens and your choice of dipping sauce. And it’s a four-ingredient dinner idea – how’s about that for impressive?!

Speaking of rice to serve with the above pork belly, I’ve got just the ticket. Want to know how to cook rice but also add more flavour? Here’s how. With subtle chicken and ginger undertones, this steamed rice is one big bowl of grown-up grains.

Cacio e pepe translates to cheese and pepper and this cheesy, peppery, noodley goodness is sheer happiness on a plate… and my secret ingredient (one of just five, might I add) really does make this next level.

Who knew Thai red curry paste could be so versatile? Rubbed on to a roast chicken as a spicy, fragrant marinade, and it takes a humble chook to new heights. Serve this with some simple steamed rice and Asian greens, then watch your loved ones swoon over how great it tastes.

Who said making homemade bread had to be difficult? This minimal-effort (and minimal-ingredient) focaccia involves no kneading, and it truly is exceptional. This is an absolute keeper.

It’s a green eggs and ham recipe… with an Asian twist! Yep, we’re adding our Marion’s Kitchen Thai green curry paste to scrambled eggs and the result is magical. I could eat these for breakfast, lunch or dinner – they’re so versatile.

Four ingredients, one winner of a recipe: these fritters will fly, fly, fly! Serve ‘em up as a weekend brunch, pop them in lunchboxes or add some crispy salad for a quick and easy weeknight dinner.

This is one of my most popular pork rib recipes, and it’s pretty easy to see why: it could be the simplest ribs recipe you’ve ever seen. Just four ingredients and your standard kitchen oven, and the result is out of this world.

No machine? No worries! This four-ingredient recipe for ice-cream requires no churning or fancy gadgets, and tastes just as good as it looks. The toppings are counted as additional ingredients (just sayin’), but the ice cream itself is just four. Rejoice!

Oooh, this side dish will knock your socks off come holiday season or weekend roast time! Spicy, smoky cauliflower is the name of the game here, and I guarantee this wondrous vegetable will be a gamechanger.

Low and slow is the order of the day with this easy pork ribs recipe. You only need four ingredients to make these, then just pop them in the oven for two hours to bake. The result is amazing: spicy, fall-off-the-bone meat that everyone will want to dig in to. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner… these fritters rock around the clock! So simple and versatile, they’ll be on repeat in your household, guaranteed. They’re totally kid-friendly too, making them a perfect lunchbox or snack staple.

Turn the convenience of instant ramen noodles into a next-level amazing pasta dish to get those tastebuds singing. Luscious, lemony and luxe, luxe, luxe… and totally possible in five ingredients. All you need is miso paste, parmesan cheese, ramen noodles, a lemon (for both zesting and juicing) and some spring onion to finish it off with some freshness.

Brussel sprouts sometimes get a bad rap, but armed with this winner side dish recipe, they’ll soon be your new favourite vegetable! Golden bacon, crunchy greens, a sweet chilli kick of your choosing and slivered almonds – this really is the perfect festive, holiday side, or a Sunday roast staple. 

Chilli Crisp Fried Eggs

Chilli Crisp Fried Eggs

Gooey, runny but crispy fried eggs are a thing of beauty. But how to take them to supermodel status? Drizzle them in chilli crisp, a winning concoction of spicy oil and crunchy bits of heaven. Anything goes with these eggs: serve them on top of fried rice and noodles, with your morning cooked breakfast, on top of avocado on toast… the only thing you’re limited by is your imagination. 

Make your salad sing with the flavours of Thailand, courtesy of this spicy and fragrant dressing that heroes Thai red curry paste. It’s equally delicious drizzled over steamed Asian greens, too. Perfect for using up those last bits in the jar!

Oozy, chewy, sticky and totally moreish… these ice cream cookie sandwiches are the dessert of dreams. They look super impressive but are so easy to make. Ideal for your celebrations (or those ‘just because’ occasions).

Get a 10/10 roast chicken – I’m talking golden, crispy skin and soft, succulent meat – EVERY TIME with my totally foolproof technique. Thank me later!

Stay cool as a cucumber with these simple, quick fresh pickles that come together in seconds. The perfect companion to spicy fried chicken, wings and ribs.

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