Sticky Chilli Ginger Pulled Pork Nachos

Sticky Chilli Ginger Pulled Pork Nachos

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Serves: Makes 2 large trays (about 10-12 serves)
Nutrition facts: – calories – fat


1.2kg pork shoulder (also called Boston butt or pork neck), cut into 2 pieces

1 bottle Marion’s Kitchen Sticky Chilli Ginger Marinade or Marion’s Kitchen Asian Steakhouse Sticky Chilli Ginger Marinade (go to where to buy to find a store or try my homemade version here)

3 x 230g tortilla chips

2 cups shredded cheese (e.g. Monterey jack and/or cheddar)

2 cups finely sliced red cabbage

Coconut Sriracha or your preferred hot sauce (optional)

¼ cup sliced jalapeno peppers

1 long red chilli, finely sliced

guacamole to serve

coriander leaves to serve

lime wedges to serve


Spice rub:

2 tbsp smoked paprika

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp ground cumin

2 tsp sea salt


Preheat oven to 120°C/250°F.


Combine the spice rub ingredients. Place the pork pieces into a roasting tin and pour over the spice mix. Rub the mix all over the pork. Then pour the bottle of Sticky Chilli Ginger Marinade over the pork. Turn the pork over to coat.  Cover with foil and roast for 3 hours or until fork tender.


Remove the pork from the oven. Remove the foil. Use two forks to shred the pork meat and mix it through the pan juices.


Increase the oven heat to 200°C/390°F.


To assemble, spread the tortilla chips over 2 trays (keeping a couple of big handfuls for the second layer). Scatter 1/3 of the cheese over the chips. Top with the pulled pork, red cabbage, as much Coconut Sriracha as you can handle, jalapeno peppers and chilli. Repeat with another layer of tortilla chips, cheese, pork, cabbage, Coconut Sriracha, jalapeno, chilli and a final layer of cheese. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese has melted.


Scatter over the coriander leaves and serve with guacamole and lime wedges.

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